Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wet Nose Wednesday

Kalene turned 2 today so we had her birthday party last night and she got a bubble wand and bubbles from Devs and I.
Aunt Celest gave Kalene a "singing" Ariel card and Kyree thought it was as awesome as Kalene did and she opened it and closed it many times.

The BEST present was from Aunt Celest was a Disney Princess Tea Party set amidst squeels of delight from Kyree. Aunt Celest brought down the kitchen set and the tea party came out and they played and played. Jackson became the "butler".

We celebrated Devree's and Talon's birthdays too since they are in the first part of July. Devree got a ball and jacks to work on her Occupational Therapy.
Aunt Celest gave a "Girls just want to have fun" singing card and Itunes card.
Breck worked hard at the BBQ all night and he made his ice cream cake. You take a tub of ice cream and plop it upside down, then you put "magic shell" over it. Celest had bought the numbers 2 for Kalene, 14 for Talon and 16 for Devree. It was a cake that had to be devoured quickly because of the heat.
Kalene blowing out her #2 candle.
I forgot to get a picture of Brenda and Abby. Brenda is our good friend that has been so charitable and let's us borrow cars while we are here. She brought a special friend named Abby. Abby is a laurel in her ward that had medulloblastoma when she was 9. She is one year older than Devree and Devree told me "It was so great to talk to another person that went through all of the stuff I did and now she is doing really wonderful. Abby has hearing loss and was in leg braces like Devree and now Abby does not have any braces. On a sad note though, she has hair like Devree and it was confirmed 2 times while we were here, that Devree will not grow any more hair.
There is a radio station that is set on the car that we borrow from Ethel while here in Memphis. The station takes an animal shelter adoption on Wednesdays and that is what they call it "Wet nose Wednesday". We have nothing but wonderful news to share and have been having a wonderful time with the cousins! Devree's 2 MRI's came back clean and free of cancer for her brain and spine. Her lumbar puncture also came back clean. Today Devree has been to physical therapy and they are adjusting her braces so they don't hurt her so much but she still needs to talk to the physical therapist about when she hopefully will get rid of her braces.
We are thankful again for the many blessings the Lord has blest us with and are so thankful for ST. JUDES! The hospital just got #1 in the U. S. News and World Report as the number one hospital for Children's cancer.

We have an appointment for Occupational therapy that will probably be put off for to a yearly asessment because she has great dexterity with her fingers now. The speech and hearing have been put to yearly asessments also. That considerably gets rid of appointments when we come for check ups. We may get out of here in 2 days appointments instead of 3 days from now on.


walkinourshoes said...

we are so glad that everything is clean and clear. we love you, tons.

Kylee and Koe

soggycheerios said...

I can just hear the happiness in your post. I'm so happy for Devree, we love you guys so much, can't wait for you to get back. When we headed to Lake Tahoe?

Krista said...

What a blessing to have all the tests come back clear. Can't wait to see you guys in a few weeks.

lindsey gruwell said...

yay for the good news about the test results! oh yes, that will be nice to cut down on some of the appointments. Happy birthday to everyone and glad you could celebrate all together.

Gary and Emily said...

Yeah!!! I am so happy to hear your good news! Way to go Devree!