Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ben's Bike Ride for Cancer

This is my great Neice, Kalene Marie and she has "Go Daddy on her cheeks.

This is my nephew Ben who has one more year of dental school. He rode in a 102 mile bike race to earn money for cancer in the Pelotonia in Ohio. He is trying to raise $500.

There he goes. Go Ben!

Kyree is his older daughter and also my great Neice. The race is for 2 family members. Grandpa B died from cancer.
Thanks for racing for Devree, Ben.

If you can help Ben meet his pledge, follow the link below.
Where To Donate:
Kacey, my neice that is married to Ben said it was an awesome experience and they are thinking of doing it next year too! If you want to know more about this race, follow the link below.

Pelotonia Organization

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ACES Game!

Devree was invited to be the special guest to the Aces game last night. Ed gave her the bat. She got a ball with all of the players signatures and a game bat. Did you know that professional teams are not allowed to use aluminum bats anymore? I didn't they only use wooden bats now.
Devree doesn't remember the players name to her right but Doug Deeds was excited to hear Devree was from Dayton until he heard it wasn't from his home state of Ohio.

Here he is again. We were happy he was able to score in the game.
Here is one of the pitchers for the game and he did GREAT!

This is Carlos Corporan the catcher. Devree watched him put 20 peices of Double Bubble in his mouth at the same time. The other players asked Devree "Isn't he crazy?" Devree replied "Whatever makes him happy!" And Carlos smiled and nodded his head. He is also getting married on October 14th. He was a fantastic catcher.

Another player signing Devree's ball.

Devree thinks this players name is Matt.

This is Brett Butler and he is the Field Manager. He played in the Majors for 17 years. He has had prostate cancer, throat cancer and now he has a broken leg from a ball hitting it. He was very personable to Devree and us.

A player in uniform shot.

The General Manager gave the rest of the family an extensive tour while Devree was meeting the players. It was an amazing tour of all of the ins and outs of the stadium. We loved it.

Bret all dressed up. He practiced with Devree for a bit for her throw of the first pitch. The camara man getting ready to take Devree's picture for her pitch.

It's 60 feet from the pitchers mound to the plate. Devree can't throw it that far.

Bret told her she did a good job with the camera on them.
We met Archie the mascot and he was a good dancer and he sticks his tongue out when he dances sometimes.
Devree walking with Bret Butler. She is going to meet the umpires and other officials.

We had great seats behind the home plate.

We had a wonderful time. The game was very exciting. They gave us free hot dogs, pretzels and drinks. Amanda was the girl who arranged it and was Devree's guide and she checked up on us along with several others. They made sure we had a great time. The best part is the Aces WON! Thank you Aces for a wonderful evening.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dane's 9th Birthday!

"Wakie Wakie Eggs and Bacoy!
Devree's homemade card.
Wow! Dragon finger boards!

Cheesy Face portraying that he likes his Atlantix Lego Set.

Shhh! Trick candles equals lots of girl friends for Dane!

He realizes that they are trick candles now!
Dane requested for his birthday dinner, egg rolls and a Sponge Bob lemon cake. We made everything from scratch. The egg rolls were delicious with a little bit of pork and homemade sweet and sour sauce. The Sponge Bob cake was a lemonn cake with lemon sauce. Everything was from scratch. We did not have any food coloring to make frosting and decorate the cake like Sponge Bob. Someone (the middle son) decided to put the food coloring in his pocket and it got washed and dried along with all of the other clothes! Dane also requested a candle-lit dinner. Jessica and Beth came over and it was an enjoyable evening all around.
This morning at breakfast, Noble was putting jam on his bagel. Devree said "Noble there is a big glob of jam on the outside of the jar." Noble proceeded to lick the jam off the jar. Todd said "No Noble the girls are home now and we don't do that anymore!" Later at dinner Dane proceeded to lick off something too! It doesn't take long to get bad manners but to break bad manners obviously takes more than a year!
Today was an awesome day at church. We had 3 great talks on personal revelation and my lesson went well about scripture study and attending the temple. The Relief Society lesson was also on scripture study. I have renewed my efforts lately on scripture study and I have noticed a big difference. Now to get the whole family on board to have more efffort in that department.
We hope your week goes GREAT! We will celebrate one more week of freedom before school starts next Monday. It makes me happy for the kids to go back to school and it makes me sad. I live for summertime and the fun and lazy days, but I am ready for a schedule too.

Noble, Dane and Low Rider cheesing it up for the camera, sitting in my bathroom.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beth's Baptism

Shay is showing his first 2 whiskers!
Dane at the Primary Activity.
Getting ready to slay Goliath with water balloons.
Doing some letters and pictures for the missionaries.
Making an "Ark" that was like a decorated envelope.
Beth and Noble ready to get baptized.

We had a pretty fun week, but my camera didn't have fresh batteries so I couldn't take all of the pictures we wanted. We went to Lake Tahoe and the dentist and Friday we went to a movie night in our friends back yard, that was really fun.

Saturday was a very busy day with the Primary activity and signing up Shay and Dane for soccer. But that evening was the best because Beth got baptized! She asked Noble to baptize her and everything went well except she poked up one elbow. So she had to do it again. She asked Todd to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and today she was given the gift of the Holy Ghost in her ward. Noble and Beth decided to go to the singles branch so they don't have to go to her ward and our ward. They seemed to like the new branch.

Devree discovered that she can play the flute again! This is her playing with a breathy sound. With practice she should be able to get a louder sound. She also went driving with Todd and is getting really good.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gma and Gpa Rice's 60th Wedding Anniversary

At Kalene's house when we get our T-shirts. The have a bass with a diamond in its mouth it says "A catch of a lifetime" then under the fish it says "In the same boat for 60 years".
We are singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" to get ready for pictures.

Kalene with Bos and Kalene Marie (grandchildren) sitting on her lap.

Shay with some of the boy cousins

Todd with Danawn, Monte and Craig.
The Hatch family missing Tripp who was too busy.
Ky and Tammie.

Stan and Teril flew out from Springfield courtesy of Coy.
Kacey the photograper trying to line up everyone downstairs to get the group shot.
Chelsey and Josh, the newlyweds.

Echael, Rachel and Rob.
Finally a picture of Tripp.

More Great Grandaughters. The girls beat out the boys. Seven girls to 4 boys!

Just a few of the whippersnappers.

Kayleb was able to have his baptism there so his grandparents from Arizona could attend.

The Whole Hatch clan.

The Hamblin kids waiting for the baptism.

Waiting for the baptism.
People at the buffet table. Kalene made bread sticks and the beautiful tree for the center peice.

One of the pictures blown up and displayed around the room. This is Mom and Dad and Danawn soon after she was born.
Charles and LaDawn Powell, Mom and Dad, Laree Dudding and Granddaughter. LaDawn Powell has been friends with Mom since before Kindergarten in Snowflake, Arizona.
Danawn was M.C. and Mom's dress was made by Kacey with a matching flower for her hair.
Aunt Leola, Mom's older sister brought her daughter Susan and son Robert. Cousin Vickie and Susan's two daughters.

Devree and I hurried off to Girl's Camp at Buck's Lake as soon as we got home from the 60th wedding anniversary. The lake was peaceful and we camped amongst the trees and were very shaded. The theme was "Real Girls. Real Strong." It was a beautiful setting. Devree was a Youth Camp Leader and I was a leader of a different group. Devree spoke about Faith and Hope and the service project that the whole camp helped was to make 400 handmade cards to give to St. Jude's patient's. The patient's can use them to thank the staff and volunteers for their services or help. Devree and I are excited to take them when we go in September.