Sunday, August 22, 2010

Dane's 9th Birthday!

"Wakie Wakie Eggs and Bacoy!
Devree's homemade card.
Wow! Dragon finger boards!

Cheesy Face portraying that he likes his Atlantix Lego Set.

Shhh! Trick candles equals lots of girl friends for Dane!

He realizes that they are trick candles now!
Dane requested for his birthday dinner, egg rolls and a Sponge Bob lemon cake. We made everything from scratch. The egg rolls were delicious with a little bit of pork and homemade sweet and sour sauce. The Sponge Bob cake was a lemonn cake with lemon sauce. Everything was from scratch. We did not have any food coloring to make frosting and decorate the cake like Sponge Bob. Someone (the middle son) decided to put the food coloring in his pocket and it got washed and dried along with all of the other clothes! Dane also requested a candle-lit dinner. Jessica and Beth came over and it was an enjoyable evening all around.
This morning at breakfast, Noble was putting jam on his bagel. Devree said "Noble there is a big glob of jam on the outside of the jar." Noble proceeded to lick the jam off the jar. Todd said "No Noble the girls are home now and we don't do that anymore!" Later at dinner Dane proceeded to lick off something too! It doesn't take long to get bad manners but to break bad manners obviously takes more than a year!
Today was an awesome day at church. We had 3 great talks on personal revelation and my lesson went well about scripture study and attending the temple. The Relief Society lesson was also on scripture study. I have renewed my efforts lately on scripture study and I have noticed a big difference. Now to get the whole family on board to have more efffort in that department.
We hope your week goes GREAT! We will celebrate one more week of freedom before school starts next Monday. It makes me happy for the kids to go back to school and it makes me sad. I live for summertime and the fun and lazy days, but I am ready for a schedule too.

Noble, Dane and Low Rider cheesing it up for the camera, sitting in my bathroom.

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