Sunday, August 29, 2010

Ben's Bike Ride for Cancer

This is my great Neice, Kalene Marie and she has "Go Daddy on her cheeks.

This is my nephew Ben who has one more year of dental school. He rode in a 102 mile bike race to earn money for cancer in the Pelotonia in Ohio. He is trying to raise $500.

There he goes. Go Ben!

Kyree is his older daughter and also my great Neice. The race is for 2 family members. Grandpa B died from cancer.
Thanks for racing for Devree, Ben.

If you can help Ben meet his pledge, follow the link below.
Where To Donate:
Kacey, my neice that is married to Ben said it was an awesome experience and they are thinking of doing it next year too! If you want to know more about this race, follow the link below.

Pelotonia Organization

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