Monday, September 13, 2010

Labor Day with Gma & Gpa and Beth's 18th!

We went to Grandma and Grandpa Rice's for Labor Day. It really was a Labor day because we worked to help Grandma and Grandpa get ready to sell their house.

Grandma, Devree and Shay standing before the great feast of Sunday dinner.

Locey with his shirt off. Is his shirt always off?

Grandpa with Tammie and Ky having a discussion.

Spencer with his cute smile.

The cousins Teara and Megan with Devree.

Shay looking at Spencer's after church get up. Two unmatched socks with shorts and Sunday shoes! Spencer let us tease him.

Shay, Noble, Manny and Kyle celebrating Beth's 18th birthday at our house the Tuesday after Labor Day. We had 14 people at the dinner table including the Elders, Ray and his girl friend Carly, Beth and Jessica.

Beth, Dane, Jessica holding Low Rider.

Beth trying to blow out her candles..but we had some "trick" candles to surprise her.

Noble gave her "Sweet Home Alabama" in a cutesy Christmas bag. I told Beth "It does have hearts on it."

She liked her gift.

Manny, Ray, Carly and Jessica.

We played the "Disney game" where everyone chooses a Disney character and you try to guess who is who. Devree won as the Cheshire cat because no one could remember her character. It was a fun birthday.

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