Sunday, September 19, 2010

St.Jude's Visit

Kallie and Devree at our final feast at Breck and Celest's. Notice the gracious garlic bread? We had tortellini.
I just love Jackson's apron. It even has his name on it. He got it at a birthday party. Isn't that a cute idea?

Jackson, Celest and Tayzia at our feast. You notice how Celest always has a fancy table presentation? I love how she makes things extra special for us. She usually buys us flowers and always has a basket of goodies for us when we come. So much better than staying in a fancy hotel!

What a good husband and Dad over cleaning up the dishes! What an awesome brother too, to make sure we got picked up and taken back to the airport when it was so EARLY! Thanks so much Breck.
This trip to St. Jude's was very good. We saw our friends who were from Bangladesh with little Arhan who had medulloblastoma too. His mom, Rifat, was so kind and loving toward everyone who stayed at Target House. They were there for 20 months because it was too far to go back home. He was only 2 when they came and even got so bad he couldn't walk or talk. He is a tall 4 years old with a fun personality with nothing wrong now. He has a full head of curly dark hair and gave us "High 5's". Their family lives in Singapore now. A 30 hour FLIGHT! I will never complain about our flights again. I am so happy for them.
Also we saw Clarissa and that was sad news. Clarissa is an 18 year-old girl that has a rare form of cancer and is on her 3rd round of chemo. She is so full of steroids she looked like the "Stay Puff Marshmallow Man". It is very concerning especially since this is her 3rd time fighting the cancer. Please keep Clarissa in your prayers.
I forgot to take pictures of our friends and we had Tricia and Brittany visit us at the Rice's. So nice to be thought of.
St. Jude's was interesting this time. We met with the eye doctor that said don't do weights or springs. Devree and I were happy with this but the doctor said things may change and we may want to do it at a later time. The doctor said springs often protrude and Devree doesn't like the half mast eye look of the weights. Terry our Physical Therapist guy was very impressed with Devree not having her leg braces and gave her lots of balance and walking tests. He was happy with how she is doing. Terry is the the PT that told her she would never be able to drive and made Devree cry and she became determined that she is going to drive. Devree says the next time she sees him and has her license she is going to shove it in his face and go "BAM!" I told her he probably doesn't ever remember telling her that. Our doctor did not tell us until our flight home how the MRI's and Lumbar Puncture were. Everything is really GREAT! Also they gave Devree the opportunity to not have anesthesia for the LP and she likes that much better. She doesn't have to starve next time and it won't take so long either! YEA!
Devree is coming along nicely with her driving. She got lots of practice this week because the truck has been available with Noble not driving it. Noble went back to Missouri to get his wisdom teeth pulled by Uncle John. This is the final step before Noble can send his mission papers in. John is a dentist, if you are wondering.
Life has truly been a journey and we feel blessed everyday! We hope you feel the same way.

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