Sunday, August 15, 2010

Beth's Baptism

Shay is showing his first 2 whiskers!
Dane at the Primary Activity.
Getting ready to slay Goliath with water balloons.
Doing some letters and pictures for the missionaries.
Making an "Ark" that was like a decorated envelope.
Beth and Noble ready to get baptized.

We had a pretty fun week, but my camera didn't have fresh batteries so I couldn't take all of the pictures we wanted. We went to Lake Tahoe and the dentist and Friday we went to a movie night in our friends back yard, that was really fun.

Saturday was a very busy day with the Primary activity and signing up Shay and Dane for soccer. But that evening was the best because Beth got baptized! She asked Noble to baptize her and everything went well except she poked up one elbow. So she had to do it again. She asked Todd to give the talk on the Holy Ghost and today she was given the gift of the Holy Ghost in her ward. Noble and Beth decided to go to the singles branch so they don't have to go to her ward and our ward. They seemed to like the new branch.

Devree discovered that she can play the flute again! This is her playing with a breathy sound. With practice she should be able to get a louder sound. She also went driving with Todd and is getting really good.

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Johnson Family said...

All such wonderful things! What a happy and fun time for all of you! And GO DEVREE! You are awesome. Love and admire your strength, think about it all the time.