Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gma and Gpa Rice's 60th Wedding Anniversary

At Kalene's house when we get our T-shirts. The have a bass with a diamond in its mouth it says "A catch of a lifetime" then under the fish it says "In the same boat for 60 years".
We are singing "Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam" to get ready for pictures.

Kalene with Bos and Kalene Marie (grandchildren) sitting on her lap.

Shay with some of the boy cousins

Todd with Danawn, Monte and Craig.
The Hatch family missing Tripp who was too busy.
Ky and Tammie.

Stan and Teril flew out from Springfield courtesy of Coy.
Kacey the photograper trying to line up everyone downstairs to get the group shot.
Chelsey and Josh, the newlyweds.

Echael, Rachel and Rob.
Finally a picture of Tripp.

More Great Grandaughters. The girls beat out the boys. Seven girls to 4 boys!

Just a few of the whippersnappers.

Kayleb was able to have his baptism there so his grandparents from Arizona could attend.

The Whole Hatch clan.

The Hamblin kids waiting for the baptism.

Waiting for the baptism.
People at the buffet table. Kalene made bread sticks and the beautiful tree for the center peice.

One of the pictures blown up and displayed around the room. This is Mom and Dad and Danawn soon after she was born.
Charles and LaDawn Powell, Mom and Dad, Laree Dudding and Granddaughter. LaDawn Powell has been friends with Mom since before Kindergarten in Snowflake, Arizona.
Danawn was M.C. and Mom's dress was made by Kacey with a matching flower for her hair.
Aunt Leola, Mom's older sister brought her daughter Susan and son Robert. Cousin Vickie and Susan's two daughters.

Devree and I hurried off to Girl's Camp at Buck's Lake as soon as we got home from the 60th wedding anniversary. The lake was peaceful and we camped amongst the trees and were very shaded. The theme was "Real Girls. Real Strong." It was a beautiful setting. Devree was a Youth Camp Leader and I was a leader of a different group. Devree spoke about Faith and Hope and the service project that the whole camp helped was to make 400 handmade cards to give to St. Jude's patient's. The patient's can use them to thank the staff and volunteers for their services or help. Devree and I are excited to take them when we go in September.


soggycheerios said...

I love reading your blog. Looks like a fun time in Vegas, super busy huh?

The Voelkel Family said...

Amazing! I love the T-shirts. How fun to share so many memories!