Sunday, July 25, 2010

Watts Party and Ward Campout

Spent the day at Sand Harbor on a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky and the clearest water.

Devree floating around in our big innertube.

Dane eating his watermelon with gusto!
I floated around on the innertube on my belly and was seeing all of the little minnows and how beautiful and clear the water was. All of a sudden a man was swimming right under my tube! It scared me and then I realized it was just Manny and Noble playing a trick on me. It was Manny and I didn't recognize him!

We came home from the Lake and had a "Welcome Home Watt's" party at our house. The Watt's are a family that served with Todd in the Bishopric and went to Mexico to teach for 1 year. This is Leslie, Stephanie, Connie and Emma.
Todd talking to Dan and Hallie.
Me captured with Stephen and Brady at the bar.

Beth came and met the Watt's. Beth started the missionary discussions that Friday.
Devree with Elena. They are both avid readers. We shared notes about books we liked.

Krista holding Chiara with Leslie but Sariah doesn't want her picture taken.

Dave, Karl, Todd and Mark having a conversation.
Chiara having some crackers.
We had the Ward campout at Davis Creek. I was teaching the kids camp songs before our real campfire started.
We had a really good campfire program.
Brother Sonnerholm put some interesting things on the fire to turn it different colors.
The Young Women lead some silly songs with Amber, Devree and Kennidy.
The ward campout was really wonderful with so many families that came. It was very fun and we hope our ward has one next year. We left Saturday morning right after the breakfast to go to California to meet John, Mary, kids and Grandma Hamblin.

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Barry and Jeanni said...

Nice shirt Dev- Looks like fun- too bad we were out of town!