Saturday, December 18, 2010

Catch up TIME!

Devree in background with Mrs. Bumgartner with the microphone.
Devree was festive with a bow and ribbon in her hair.
The whole advanced choir.
At the Cancer Support Group Chirstmas party.
Santa at the Cancer Party.
Shay really got his face painted at the Cancer party. He even wore it to school where his first period teacher, Mr. Marlowe said in a stern voice "Go wash that off RIGHT NOW!
A Night in Bethlehem was the ward party. Everyone was good sports and dressed up. The Activity comittee had easy ups covered in fabric and it looked very authentic.
The Bishop's family sat next to us.
The Bishop.

One family had an authentic shepherds crook.
The different booths had mediterranean food. It was delicious. Our taxes we paid were dessert. The desserts were not authentic but oh so sweet and delicous. I think back in the day they thought honey, dates and nuts were dessert.

Noble and Todd were shepherds during the finale of Christ's birth. Here they look like they are on something. Todd has a hard time having his eyes open for any pictures.
The kids surrounded the Baby Jesus and the stable.

A better view of the stable and the manger right in front.

Shay marched again in Virginia City's Parade of lights. He was lucky it was not cold that night. The year previously with Noble it was 10 below 0!
I sure do have a hard time getting pictures of moving targets! Shay is down from the kid that stepped in front as I was taking the picture. Oh well.

Stephen in the hat on the left.
No Shay again!

The cute little town of Virginia City. People had their cars covered in lights and drove in the parade.
Even the horses were decorated for Christmas.

We took the kids out of school to go cut our Christmas tree. Noble is sporting his hat he bought in Idaho at Thanksgiving. The snow was over a foot and we couldn't get our car in very far. There were no trees to cut here anyway.
Playing in the snow.
Devree is ready.
We finally found our tree and it was a hard thing to get to the car. Whew we finally did it though. Home to decorate it and now Christmas really abounds at our house.
Merry Christmas Everyone!

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Lisa said...

Wish we could have been there! Have a Merry Christmas!