Sunday, April 3, 2011

April Fool's including Us!

Todd took about 1 month to finish this very hard 1500 peice puzzle. All of us, including Grandma tried to help once in a while.
Devree loves her new wig she saved up and purchased. She has done braids and pony tails. She chose red and it seems to suit her. I call her "Ariel" and start singing "The Little Mermaid song" Ahhhh ahhhh Ahhhhh Ahhh. You know when she sings to get her voice back?
The boys rough housing on the tramp. You know General Conference on Saturdays makes them have to go out and do some physical exercise to burn off energy. Dane pins Shay
Shay pins Dane.
Noble wanted more pictures of the family so we took an awful picture of me and Low Rider.

For April Fool's day I put ketchup inside doughnuts with holes to make it look like jam. I was so "evil" my family thought. After a few taps the ketchup comes out and you can either cut the hole bigger in the doughnut or wipe it clean. Shay even washed the ketchup off.

This last week was filled with the pinewood derby and saying goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Rice for awhile. They went to do their taxes in California and stay with Ky and Tammie. Then they will drive up to Canada and stay with Danawn and Monte. It seemed really strange not to have them at the dinner table and it was extra quiet around here too. They are already missed. Their little Prius was packed to the gills. We will have them back to stay with us in about a year.

Dane had the Pinewood Derby and he didn't place but he enjoyed making his car from start to finish.

We just got done with watching all of the General Conference and have been so spiritually fed and pricked. We are making goals to BE better individuals and family. As I was watching General Conference I felt a closeness to Noble because I knew he was watching all of the sessions also. I could see him in my mind's eye laughing and listening attentively to the talks. I will write him and ask him which talks were his favorites and if he did fall asleep during any of them.

Noble hand wrote an individualized letter to each of us this week. What a glorious surprise to find it mid week with many more pictures. I have posted on his blog the letter he wrote to Todd and I. We absolutely LIVE for his letters and laugh at his sense of humor he always includes in his letters. Todd and I remember back to our days in the MTC. We are so happy that Noble chose to go on his mission and we rejoice in his growing testimony and his knowledge of Tagalog. We thank all of you that keep Noble in your prayers. I know he is having a successful time on his mission through the faith and prayers of all those who pray for him.

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