Monday, August 6, 2012

Dad Hurts his Big Toe!!!

Okay here is the story.  Todd was out fixing a bike in the garage for my Cub Scout rodeo and the bike twirled around and somehow lifted his toe nail right up.  He comes in and tells me "Shana I have a problem."  I looked down at his toe and got physically sick.  I just said "Ohhhhh Ohhhhh Ohhhh Todd."  We cleaned it and he wanted me to press down on it to wrap it up.  I told him it would hurt more to put pressure on his toe nail.  But I did it and he shuddered with the pain.  I called some friends to come over and give him a blessing to help Todd because he refused to go to the doctor.  The friends came and used their Priesthood and gave Todd a blessing but they could not look at the toe.  Todd soaked it and tried to rip off the toe nail.  It would not come off but the second night of soaking he ripped it off.  Did you know that your toe nail looks like a T at the end?  Healing has been a long process without being able to wear shoes.  Todd tried to wear shoes to work but he came home exhausted and swollen.  Yes it is finally healed now!

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