Sunday, October 28, 2012

Halloween Party

Dane as "Nacho Libre", Nolan, Shay as Gambit and two friends of Shay's
This is Shay's pumpkin with a bat on a jack-o-lantern.  He won "Most Detailed"
Dane put screws in for ears on his very happy Jack-o-lantern.
Dame only cut himself twice while doing it all by himself.
This is Emily with her "femlet"which is a feminine version of the Mullet.
Cynthia is a master with makeup.  Can you tell the wonderful makeup job she did on her family?
The Johnson's
Sariah, Makayla, friend and Mallory
Lots of people came and we had the whole party in the back yard.
Grecian Goddess
David A. our neighbor the clown
Sam had a really glowing costume.
Daniel came as "Malfoy" and was asked if he was a "Death Eater" yet.
The Turner family came all ready for fun.
Dane made his own mask.
I really liked Kaylee's Pippy Longstocking.
Aspen as adorable as ever!
I saw too many girls give this boy a hug!
Wade as his dream job I think.
We had bobbing for apples and even the teenagers liked doing it!
Alex in one of her many costumes she gets to wear this season.
Witchy Poo...How are you?
Molly was "electrifying" and Darcy was in town so she came with her boys.
Zane eating some of our famous "bloody fingers".
Fairy are you trying to be launched in the air by the trampoline?
We had blood dripping off of the walls and only black lights on in the house with our creepy Halloween music.  The girls would go in to get warmed up and dance to "Thriller".
 Cindy and Ian with left over costumes on.
Rhys as a Green smiling ?
We have Rachel R. I believe jumping on the trampoline.  We had a lot of fun.  The annual Hamblin Halloween Party was fantastic!

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