Friday, November 23, 2012

Ghost Town hunting

This is the great little restaurant we found.  Dinni's Diner with mile high banana cream pie.
Todd holding pinion pine cone right next to a slag heap from the old mine.
Already snow up there.  We tried to harvest pinion pinenuts.
The old School house is still in good shape.

Part of the mill equipment left behind.
This was the old boarding house and the bottom part has been filled in with blowing dirt so it is really short.  In the old photos it had a beautiful balcony on the front of this building.

We found a lot of mine holes.  We could tell people have tried to go in them even though it is not safe.

Todd has 2 new interests.  He downloaded on my phone an application called "Billion Graves" and so you find cemetaries and you take a picture of each gravestone on your phone and it gets collected for family history.  Well Then Todd bought a comprehensive book about all of the ghost towns in Nevada.  There are over 600!  So then we find these ghost towns and take pictures of all the gravestones we can find.  It is sad that most of these ghost towns have been vandalized so much but in the book that Todd has it shows photographs of the time when these towns were in their hey day.  It is interesting to find the actual buildings we can see from the photos.  Then on our way there we used my Urban Spoon ap and found the best little restaurant with "Mile High Banana Cream Pie" which was delicious.  Shay chose not to go with us, but then regretted it because it took us all day and we had way more fun than he had.

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