Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dane's tooth/New Moon Party

Dane finally looses one of his 2 front teeth. He grinds them down and he was very proud of himself for working on it and let Noble pull it out.
Cassie DePew, Devree and Lana Staggs at the New Moon party.

Ali Stewart, Katrina and Gail Briethaupt

Kaia Galloway standing in Back in Middle is Elysse Ingersol, Leslie and Mallorie Olson, Sherry Bergstrom (Shay's 4th grade teacher way back when) and Connie O'Barr. Front row is Al Kline, Sierra Bergstrom and Shondra Mason.

Connie, Emma and Sue Staggs with Shondra
We also had Makela and Sariah Olson, Nica Scott and Adrian were people we didn't get. It was a fun time with snacks and games. We went to the midnight movie with Shay, Al, Ali, Cassie and Adrian. It was insanity with people, no parking and every theater filled. We didn't even get to sit together and some had to go to a different theater. It was an adventure though by getting home on a EARLY Friday morning by 3:30 AM!


walkinourshoes said...

Looks like a fun party. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too. Have fun in MO!

angelicindy said...

We got to see it on Saturday as a matinee. I was suprised but mom was on the job and got us tickets and seats :). Have fun in Missouri!