Monday, November 2, 2009

Nevada Day aka Halloween!

Megan and a boy from their ward
Kolten, Grandma, & Granny

Locey & Shay

Megan, Devree, and Teara

Dane & Shay

Todd & Ky

Devree and Mom

I was able to help Dane's class with a little ghost craft on Thursday. Nevada became a state on October 31st so we get the Friday off before Halloween. We left at 3 pm from Todd's work. We decided to take a more scenic route that made 2 kids car sick but was very beautiful.

We had a fun day on Friday with Grandma and Grandpa Rice. The men and boys picked grapes after our swim in the hottest pool. We did water aerobics with Grandma and then Ky came and took Grandpa and Todd for one of Ky's work delivery.

We made grape juice. It was amazing! Out of 1 1/2 buckets of nibel grapes we got over 4 gallons of juice! It is way better than Welch's! Shay could drink it everyday. But we only have a little bit because it is the best laxative around. For those of you that want to know how we make grape juice, we don't stomp it. We wash all of the spider webs off and kill lots of little white spiders that crawl around in the sink. We put the vines and grapes in a steamer that pops the grapes open and juices them and the vines keep the grapes apart so the juice can drain through tiny holes so that no seeds or skins get in the juice.

I wanted to celebrate my birthday so I told Mom "For lunch, I want to go to El Tapitio's". I haven't been there for years and Shay and Dane were complaining that it was Mexican Food. But their barbacoa beef is the best I have ever tasted and after Shay and Dane tasted it, they decided it was the best Mexican food they have ever tasted.

That night we went with Ky and Tammie's family to their ward Halloween carnival, dinner and trunk or treat. They also had a spook alley on their stage. It was a great evening.

On Saturday we went to lunch at my favorite Italian cafe in Visalia and then we went and saw Skyla and Locey play soccer. After that we went and saw The Vampire's assitant with all of the cousins. Todd was able to visit with his cousins Ted and Linda Hatch and Paula came over to visit too.

Sunday we went to church at Lindsay Ward and had dinner with everyone before we left to travel back to Nevada. Noble had to stay at home all weekend because he marched in the Nevada Day Parade. It was the 2nd to the last marching performance for him. They still came in last. It has been very disappointing after all of the hard work to not have won any of the competitions.

Have a great week!


lusum54 said...

Busy Times Yet again! Love ya, Summer

walkinourshoes said...

Sounds like fun!

walkinourshoes said...

i love the pics! the music is awesome, too.