Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Devree's play

Devree was the sleeping "Queen of the Fairies" in her play in an adaptation of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night's Dream.
On Stage.

Devree's Fun Makeup. She had sparkles all over too.
Paula, Emma, Janie and Grandma came to see the play.
We hiked up to the Carson Waterfall on Martin Luther King Day. The Briethaupt's and Watts came.
Jessica standing in front of the waterfall.
It was a beautiful day of 70 degrees in January. We had to enjoy the outside.
The Watts climbing the mountain.
Chiara stayed behind with us and was giving everyone "loves"
Dane enjoying the day.
The Clarks and Matthews joined us too. Brian helped Grandma in front and Todd helped behind and they got her up there over some pretty tough places on the trail.
Grandma brought her walker to help on the hike. She had to abandon it about 1/4 way up.
We ended off the holiday by inviting everyone back to our place and a few more families that couldn't come to the hike and having tin foil dinners or hot dogs and Todd made a pineapple upside down cake and a dump cake and we sang Happy Birthday to Grandma and Grandpa.
We took Grandpa and Grandma out to the Nugget for a wonderful steak dinner for their birthdays. Grandma turned 80 on January 13th and Grandpa turned 83 on January 14th. Devree and I were still at St. Jude's so we celebrated when we got home.
Shay has started Church basketball. Our ward won because we had 2 boys that are not members help us out. Shay made a basket.
Devree had to take a 5 hour ACT test at Carson High School. We got there 1 hour early so the boys played "King of the Rock" to entertain themselves.
Another beautiful day for January.
January has been a busy month. I do not remember running around with my head chopped off quite as much. It is fast approaching a close and we have been able to take Noble back to the temple and we will try to go every week before he leaves. We almost have got everything for his mission. We are excited because his mission president and wife wrote Noble a great letter and they invited us to check out their blog. They look like they work but also have FUN in their mission. Noble wrote a lovely letter back. March 2nd is coming fast now.


Summer said...

looks like you have been busy!

Summer said...
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walkinourshoes said...

we can't wait to see all of you. i got the check today. thanks so much. love the blog post. see ya soon.