Saturday, February 5, 2011

This and That

Do you recognize this young man? He surprised us last Saturday by coming in with his new short hair. You will no longer be mistaken as an Indian by Grandma. Manny we love you.

Shay was agonizing over the fact that I had signed him up for a writing workshop today at his school. He did not want to spend 2 hours of his Saturday at school. At the dinner table he complained "There are kings and pawns in this world. I am beneath a pawn. I am PAWN SCUM!" So this Saturday is going to be really busy. We started out with the Scout breakfast and then Shay's workshop. Still a birthday party and 2 different baptisms.
Here is Shay's essay.
When has something not been fair for me? Was it when my brother made a mess of my room and I had to clean it or when my sister had a friend over and I didn't? "NO!" I believe the irksome unequal thing for me is my bedtime.

First getting sent to bed at 9pm isn't bad right? "Wrong!" It's not fair! While I'm trying to get to sleep they're laughing like hyenas at the TV or each other's jokes.

Moving on to me. I was born to be a nocturnal child of the night and they have the audacity to send me to bed at 9 pm. of all times. Wouldn't you be dying on the inside too.?

To finish with, any readers out there if you have children, don't drain their souls like a demon from a dark demension with something like a curfew.

In conclusion bedtime, curfew, whatever you call it. Its just not fiar. So when you're about to plan a curfew, think of the children. (End of essay)
Isn't that funny? Shay is a good writer if he gets his spelling and mechanics in order. Time to go to the rest of the busy day.

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angelicindy said...

oh my!, what a character!

Good one, Shay. I thoroughly enjoyed your essay, and I agree!