Monday, July 25, 2011

Back to St. Judes for a check up.

Devree did the craft at the Grizzly House. We braided yarn to make bracelets and anklets. It was quite funny to hear the Asian man talk so Southern. He said he "Grew up in Arkansas and when I crossed the river they made me buy shoes!" He was hilarious. Just another volunteer here at St. Judes.
We flew in on Sunday because we had to get blood samples etc before our appointments on Monday. That meant we had to go to the Medicine Room and see all of our buddies that only work on Sundays in the Medicine room. It was great! 5 nurses came and hugged and said hello and were so happy to see how well Devree is doing. She weighed in at 120 lbs! She hasn't weighed that since January 2009.
The eye doctor says she still needs to add more eye drops per day. She needs to apply them hourly. Also he told her she is not allowed to wear eye makeup on her right eye because her eye cannot feel it when makeup gets in her eye. Devree was a little ticked at that and would not look at the doctor very much.
The Audiologist wants Devree to try a new kind of hearing aid. She ordered them and we should get them tomorrow. We will let you know.

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