Sunday, July 10, 2011

Devree's 17th Birthday and 4th of July camping

We camped up by Camp Fleischmann. This is the special place where they do Order of the Arrow. Devree said WWW must stand for World Wide Web. Ha! Ha!

Hiking around the Lassen National Forest.

Traveling to go to the little RV park in Chester.

Devree got her Hoops and YoYo card. It was very funny.

Devree requested Pineapple Upside Down Cake for her Birthday cake. We celebrated with the Olson's.

At Lassen Volcanic National Park and the snow is still very DEEP.

In front of the Lassen Volcanic Park Visitors Center.

Makayla in front of the Volcano replica. Mallory thought it would be too scary to go through the little hole.

Devree crawling through and giving us a smile with both sides of her face. She has to have help with the right side so she pushes it up with her finger.

Mallory finally got brave to go through the hole.

There was a huge snow pile out the back door. I started a snowball fight with the boys.

Shay, Isaac and Dane loved running on top of the huge snow bank up by the bubbling mud pots.

There was only 1 boiling mud pot. It smelled like sulphur really strong. It was not comparable to all that you see in Yellowstone. We did see many steam vents though. We were using walkie talkies back and forth between the cars and Todd quoted "Shrek" and said "I know what I smelt and it wasn't no brimstone". Then a stranger gets on our channel and said "Mel is that you?" We died laughing because Todd just told a stranger the line.

We went to Lake Almanor and we found a beautiful park. It was only for the residents and guests of the upper scale neighborhood. We figured we were guests. It was a perfect place to eat our lunch, sit in the shade, play on the playground, play in the mud or swim in the lake. The sad part was there were no dogs allowed so we had to have someone stay in the cars with the dogs. We took turns.

We stayed at an RV park right on Main street of Chester. On the 4th of July there was a parade and we just walked out of our trailer and placed our chairs to watch. This teeny town had an awesome restaurant that served HUGE banana splits and sundaes. We went over and had a few. The grocery store was across the street and bread was $5. a loaf!

This was a Church and they were playing the loudest rock music with a bunch of people that were at least in their 50's or 60's.

It was a really fun time playing games and eating and camping with the Olsons. Their trailer is a like a big castle compared to our trailer and our trailer broke a few more things so now we might have to put some money into it if we want to camp very much anymore. Oh well it was a very Happy 4th of July. We went to Virginia City that night and watched fireworks off the edge of the hill. It is pretty cool to listen to the church bells play patriotic songs while the fireworks go off. Virginia City has a very good display.

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Looks like so much fun! I especially love the pineapple upside-down cake.....Yummy!