Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shay's Birthday 2011

We got a good picture of Spencer.

What do teenage girls do? Yep that's right. They lay in bed and text. That is why they have those grins that say "You caught us!"

Uncle Ky and Devree are eating delicious corn on the cob. We reminisced how Ky grew wonderful corn a few years ago.

We caught Skyla as she was trying to get in the fridge.

Locey being his self.

Dane went to a Cub Scout 3 day camp called "Frontier Fun". Each boy got a 'coon skin cap. He had lots of fun and I got to be with him for one day.

Happy 14th Birthday Shay! It seems like yesterday he was our Shayby Baby!

He is bleary eyed but he loves his breakfast in bed and his Hoops and YoYo card.

Here is the card.

He is excited to get his MP4 player. He lost his one that he got for Christmas. This is bigger and fancier.
Shay got ordained to a teacher today. We are so proud that he is making good choices and even if he didn't win the Freshman election, he is turning out to be an outstanding young man. We love you Shay and are so proud of you.

Shay wanted his friends to come to the church to celebrate his birthday. He is sad because Preston beat him at chess.

We had a few families join us for some games and cake and ice cream. Shay requested a chocolate cake with cream cheese filling frosted with chocolate frosting. It turned out pretty good but the cake was a little bit crumbly. I like my cake very moist.

Shay messing with my camera. His "self portrait".

Dane took a close up of Devree.

Shay playing his game.

Devree practicing a FULL smile.

Dane's self portrait.

We went to Lake Tahoe yesterday with Todd because he went up with the Scouts. The water was so FREEZING but what a beautiful day with the clear blue sky and bright sun surrounded by snow capped mountains. Shay and Isaac still jumped off the rocks into that FREEZING COLD WATER. As soon as we got there, one scout came over with blue lips and goose bumps on top of goose bumps and said "Oh if you go on the other side, the water is warmer!" I almost laughed at him. Devree stuck in her toes and that was it. I waded in but that was it for me. Everytime we go to Lake Tahoe, I cannot get over how truly beautiful it is. There is just no other place like it on this earth. Our family truly enjoy all of the seasons that Lake Tahoe has to show us. This week challenge yourself to do something truly "summerish". It is, afterall, the 4th of July weekend!

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