Sunday, June 19, 2011

EFY at Fresno

Dane and I went to a Fresno Grizzly baseball game.

We went to Yosemite where the falls have not been this good with the snowpack since the 1960's. This is Bridal Veil Falls from several miles away.

A picture from the tunnels.

The falls were all amazing. Too many people there though.

From the parking lot. Dane and I got so wet just from the spray.

So wet!

We went to see a cute little family that moved from Dayton. Lily is not too sure.

Leah, Brian and Lily in their beautiful backyard. It was lovely to have a visit with them.

Playing in the cousins pool at 7AM!

Uncle Ky found out about a free scuba class so Shay, Skyla and Dane got a class in a 12 foot pool.

Dane was like a fish and loved it. Shay was an old pro. Skyla loved it too but had trouble with her ears not popping in the deep end.

Shay and Devree got to go to a stay-at-home Especially for Youth in Fresno. We were hoping to go with cousins but the cousins had a Youth Conference at the same time. Stay-at-home means from Monday-Friday the kids are at the conference from 9am and get picked up at 9pm every night. The EFY took place right at the temple/stake grounds in Fresno. We came to see cousins in Visalia on Monday night but decided to stay in a close by hotel in Fresno for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

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