Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial day onward into June

On Memorial Day, many in the ward met to have a Bowling party. It was very fun.

Brian, Julie and Jessica played. I didn't get a shot of Cameron, Andrew and Sam. They were too busy playing.

Hannah, Josh and Krista played.

Katrina, Preston, Issac and Shay all got hungry and so it was dollar day for fries!

Sariah, Madsen and Dane having fun with Leslie peeking behind.

Devree, Dane and I played next to the Evans. Our team of 8 included the Larkins and the Ericksons. Maple who is 4 years old came in 2nd at 105 points while Devree whipped us all at 115 points. We are so glad we had the bumper guards up!

Emily holding I think Connor. Todd played next to us with the Halvorsens and the Clarks.

Todd and Shay having a great time.

Alex and Sarah brought 2 friends. Monica hugging on Tyus. He was happy hugging on his mom and not running around. Tyus was one of the Early Childhood children that got lost for a short time at school. We finally found him on the playground.

The beloved Jones family are moving to Wyoming. Barry (with hat on looking down) is Todd's twin, or so we say. Because their birthdate is the same. But Barry always tells Todd, he is older. Wayne and Jen were the hosts in their beautiful back yard.

Brandon was not cooperating to have his picture taken sitting between Elder Humphrey and Elder Carlton who found out he really did break his leg about 5 months ago. Elder Carlton is finished with his mission and goes home in a few weeks to have surgery.

Jeanni, Vahndra and Glenda I was able to catch. Vahndra has a very nice camera.

Meghan came and joined her Mom. I asked Meghan and Dane's class to sing at the first of my Sunday School class today. All 7 of them sang "Scripture Power" so beautifully. I really appreciated it.

Laton tackling Dane on the trampoline at the party.

Wow Dane is still on the bottom but somehow Laton got "X"d out. Ha! Ha!

Ford, Oakley and Connor all hanging out in the back yard at the party.

Raquel, Jaidyn and Noah having fun.

Noah looks like he doesn't want to acknowledge that Jaidyn has her arm around him.

Travis is showing his new fashion called "The Cowboy Shorts".

More jumping on the trampoline. So much a blur.

Devree had a sleepover to celebrate her 17th birthday a month early. Because her birthday is July 3rd, many of her friends are not in town. One of her friends is allergic to gluten and so therefore we have the candles stuck into Rainbow Sherbet ice cream. I can't believe my only girl is turning 17!

She is getting a good blow on. Here is a great picture to show you how her face has been affected by the cancer. After 3 months, we heard from the doctor in North Carolina that says Devree would be a good candidate for his procedure to get her smile back. He warns us that it won't be as good as before. Now to find the funds to be able to do that. Some friends already are coming up with some good ideas for fund raisers.

Here are most of the girls that came to help Devree celebrate.

Manny dropped by too. He misses Noble and says he has 4 letters he has written to Noble and hasn't sent yet.

Rock Band was a big hit at the party.

More Rock band.

Elena and Devree got the red eye look as they were cheering on Rock Band.

Dane wanting to be part of the party.

Manny showing us that he wants to grow another beard.

Dane had his last official game and had a pizza party and trophies were handed out.

Gavin was a great little Giants player but he would not smile for me beside the cute cake.

One of Dane's great coaches. He and his father were always so positive and helped each of the players excel. The team has only lost one game and we don't keep score. Ha Ha!

As you can see our week has been fun filled. The going away party for the Jones' was at the same time as Devree's party. We are winding down school. This next week is our last week and boy are we having lots of things planned for summer. We still haven't found out about Shay's Freshman President campaign. Maybe when Shay promotes from 8th grade on Wednesday, they will announce who won. This next quote is exactly how I fell "Those who honor the calling of righteous parenthood will find their souls refined, their hearts purified, and their minds enlightened by the most important lessons of life." Elder Bruce D. Porter (of the seventy) Ensign, June 2011 Pg.12
We hope this week is a wonderful week for all of you.

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