Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day and the week before!

Devree had her final Advanced Choir concert for the year. She lettered in Choir for the second year. Her teacher put a sticky note on it that said I owe you a pin. But Devree says she still owes her a letter from last year too! Ha Ha! Devree was also voted by her peers as "Most Dedicated".

We visited Beth in the hospital. She was riding behind Jessica and they wrecked on an ATV. Beth lost conscienceness and was in ICU for one day until she woke up. Lots of bruises and bang ups but no broken bones.

This is the side that got banged up the worse. She didn't have a proper helmet to wear.

We were going to go camping this 3 day weekend but it is just so freezing, cold, windy, snowy etc. We decided to stay at home and camp. We didn't answer the phone and enjoyed just playing games and being together. We played Frisbee golf with the 1/2 of the "E" family. We walked down about 2 blocks to where they have put in a Frisbee golf place right next to the river. I am going to love to take the kids there for a picnic and swim later on in the summer. Anyone want to join us?

Good buddies! I have to tell you about these cute boys. I took them and 2 "L" boys to cub scouts on Wednesday. Dane has them starting to play the "Encore" game where you take a word and have to sing a song with that word in it. Dane has chosen "love" before and probably won the game because we have played it at home often. This time "M" chose "the" and his teamate was "JL". At first they started singing any song, but then Dane and his teamate started singing church songs. I was a team by myself and just sang Primary songs. I was impressed that those boys knew so many words to songs. What cute, good boys. I bet they are examples at school too.

These are the special Frisbees that Gary has. So basically you keep track of your color, but they are each special in different ways of how they fly.

Shay giving it a good flick of the wrist with a body umph! He has gloves in his pockets because he just got done with his Saturday job of dog poop and mowing the grass for one of his jobs in the neighborhood.

Ron and Leslie took us out to dinner in appreciation for taking Isaac to seminary this last school year. Seminary is now over but we still have 2 weeks of school. The kids need to be out. They are done. Next year we will see how this 4 day school week will turn out. Me as a Mom is going to like it. But what will happen with seminary among other things?

Devree had Dane pinned on the fold out couch yesterday and I didn't get a picture. So I wanted them to recreate it but Dane was not being too cooperative.

We are thankful to have a 3 day weekend to regroup before another busy week. Todd has had fun trying out some new dutch oven recipes here at home. We made this one that is a meatloaf that you put in a circle around the edges and then cook some vegetables in the center. We cooked asparagus, carrots and potatos. It turned out delicious and we can't wait to let Grandpa Rice taste it sometime. Today Todd is trying out this Chocolate Black Forest Cherry cake. My mouth is watering just thinking of it. We are truly blessed with all of our many many blessings.

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