Saturday, May 21, 2011

Little Red is DEAD

You know... we might have to see if our home owner's insurance can help us with this problem. "Sometimes Life Comes At You Fast!!!"


Is it difficult to take out two garage door panels and replace them? This problem might be bigger than a little fixit job!!!


I could replace the 2x6 but it doesn't match at the bottom. So I believe that the main support on the corner got pushed out about 1 1/2 inches.


Such a bad crunch. We are not sure how far the bumper and radiator got pushed back into the engine. Our family is used to having "Dad" fix it. I have looked at it enough to realize that this is beyond my capabilities to repair.


"Little Red" has almost been like a family member. It is so sad to see him like this.
Posted by Todd. We bought this truck brand new in 1996. It has 276,000 miles on it.
Shay had his 8th grade band concert on Wednesday. He was voted by his teacher the 8th grade student with the most "Excelence". He was very excited because he got a medal too. (hanging out of his mouth).

A nice blurry picture. But they are smiling!

We still haven't heard if Shay won Freshman Class president yet. We had to end our blog on a good note. I guess I will be contacting insurance companies this week. Fun! Fun!

The funniest thing was getting the standard letter from Noble's mission president saying how our missionary had arrived safely to the mission. How we aren't supposed to send too many packages and not extra money or send money to any other families in the Philippines because that is what Fast Offerings are for. Anyway I am so excited to see the standard picture of our missionary with his Mission President and his wife and...IT isn't even our missionary!!!! I laughed and laughed. So maybe our missionary didn't make it safely there. This is a very tall Elder with reddish hair. So I mailed a letter back with the picture and said "This is not our missionary. Our missionary is about 5'10" with black hair, glasses and an easy smile.

Dane said the funniest thing too. Dane got to go to his good buddy's 10th birthday party. I had to get the gift without Dane again. The gift I got was a snorkel. I asked Dane if his friend liked the present. He said he liked it so much he started wearing it. Then I told Dane. "Hey your mom scored because that means 2 years in a row, that your friend liked the gift that I bought." Solemnly Dane said "Mom you have the gift."


Strollerblader said...

Oh, dear!

I'm noticing the absence of the name of the driver of the truck...

Does it fall under home owner's or your auto insurance? Best wishes to getting it all sorted out and getting some new transportation! Never a dull moment, eh?

soggycheerios said...

Oh No! I need more of the story, how did this happen? Sad day in the Hamblin home, hope you can get things fixed soon.

Kim said...

It will fall under your homeowners insurance for the damage to the garage door and the damaged framing. The truck goes under the auto policy.