Sunday, May 1, 2011


Tanner and Shay outside the Visitors Center at Kirtland.

Khloe was asleep.

Kyree, Kacey and Kalene by the sign. The first area inside was a special introduction by 2 sister missionaries with a big photo of the Kirtland temple and a large bust of Christ. The sisters said "Listen to these scriptures." A deep voice started speaking from the above speakers. Kalene told Kacey "That is Jesus speaking." Little Hallie that doesn't turn 2 years old for a few weeks was running around and when the voice started she stopped and looked at the ceiling and said "Jesus". It never ceases to amaze me how children know. It was a very spiritual experience when we saw the movie made about early Kirtland.

A Group picture that the Sister Missionaries were kind enough to take for us outside the famous Newell K. Whitney store. The Missionaries told us that the doors we walked through were the origianl doors and the same doors that the Prophet Joseph Smith walked through to ask Mr. Whitney "You prayed me here, now what would you have me do?"

Khloe woke up.

Hallie, Tanner, Alyssa, Emma and Aubrey at the store.

Looking inside the store where we were told not to touch anything. Every child there obeyed completely.

Listening intently to the missionaries where the Smith's lived upstairs of the store. Khloe giving us a big smile.

Sister Spring telling us some of the revelations received here.

We went to the Kirtland temple where the tour was guided by the Community of Christ member.

The temple has been well preserved with most everything as it was originally. We were not allowed to take pictures inside but as we toured inside Shay asked me "Is this where Christ appeared?" I told him "Yes along with Moses and Elijah". It was a very wonderful feeling to be that close to this special place.

The Original green doors with some original kids in front!

Khloe snuggled next to Todd and Todd put her to sleep. We are looking forward to being Grandparents, but we can wait for the right time.

We found a park overlooking Lake Erie. The second great lake was a big brown ocean too!

Kyree did not want to go. We had a 3 hour drive back too.

There was a cross down by the water that had a big sign "No Swimming" Connie went down to look. It did not say how the person died, but there were 2 boys still down by the water swimming where the sign was.

Alyssa was the perfect host while Kacey and Ben's girls stayed at her house. Kyree was dressed up and wearing jewelry that Alyssa shared before we even left for dinner.

Connie I almost got you out of the picture! You are like me and you never like your picture taken. The adults went out to dinner. It was Todd and I's 21st anniversary so we found this really wonderful East Indian Food and it was a buffet that night. We tried lots of things we have never eaten before. There was a dessert that we called "The eyeball" but all of us agreed it was quite delicious. It was an enjoyable evening. When I see this picture it makes me a little sad. I miss these wonderful people. My family and my dear friends live too far away. But we are already planning to go and see them again soon.

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