Sunday, May 1, 2011

On to Columbus, Ohio

We drove down to see Lake Michigan on our way to Ohio. This was a charming town outside of Chicago that looked like it belonged to Europe.

We saw Lake Michigan and we forgot to take pictures. It looked like a big brown ocean with waves and everything. The kids were impressed by the vastness. These are windmills in Indiana. They were at least 100 feet tall and they went on for miles with hundreds in each direction.

Kyree and Kalene at their clubhouse where they lived. Kacey had prepared a big BBQ for us and our friends.

Kacey holding Kloe. Kloe is such a chubby baby and Kalene who is not quite three years-old calls her "Doughy" because Kalene doesn't say "K" sounds. We think it is appropriate for this cuddly baby that smiles and lets anyone hold her.

Dan, Connie, Emma, Aubrey and Alyssa looking at the goodies. We are so happy that we could be all together.

Ben made a poplular Ohio game called "Corn Hole". He made the wood on this side to represent an Ohio football player with "We're Number 1" and Buckeye leaves above because their name is the "Buckeyes". It is a bean bag toss game with a hole at the top. There are certain rules for getting it on the sloping wood, knocking off an opponent and of course getting the bean bag in the hole. Kacey told us even though the leaves look like marajuana, they are supposed to be Buckeye leaves.

Tanner and Aubrey are playing on the "Big O" board side.

Emma wears contacts now.

We didn't get a picture of little Hallie, but boy she has grown and her hair is long now. She talks a mile a minute. It was wonderful to spend time with these 2 lovely families. How we miss them.

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