Sunday, May 1, 2011

Last Day in Columbus

We went to the COSI (Center of Science and Industry) and it is the top Science Center of the U.S. It was very interesting. We visited the Water attraction first. These are Water bells and as you can tell, Hallie, Alyssa and Kalene loved it.

We all had fun experimenting with the water bells.

More water fun.

Todd and the boys lifted a car up.

Shay rode on the unicycle. It was so high up, I knew I didn't want to try it.

Shay said it was kind of freaky being that high up. The boys loved a ride that was like a carnival ride where the floor drops out after spinning fast. There was a lovely play area for under kindergarten, and we saw rats play basketball and an electricity show. There was a fascinating exhibit on geckos too. We could've spent all day there but we had to get to the indoor water park.

We were amazed at the small space that so many indoor water activities were crammed in. Devree was relaxing here.

Ben and Khloe enjoying the Lazy river.

Dane and Shay loved this pool where you try to get across on the floating discs. It was sort of like Lily Pads but you can hold onto the ropes above to help you across.

Dane showing us how it is done.

Todd and Shay going down the Lazy River. You could go down a 3 story slide with the double tube and end up going down the river.

This is the jacuzzi for Mom's and little kids. It wasn't quite as hot as the adult jacuzzi. The whole place was warm enough even for Devree. When you got out of the water it was not cold and the water was all very nice and warm.

Ben and Kalene just came down the big bucket splash/activity place. Kalene loved the blue slide behind them.

Shay showing us how it is done.

Todd going down the smallest slide with Khloe that later we found out we weren't supposed to do. Khloe didn't even mind getting splashed in the face either.

Good natured Khloe after going down.

She is one happy baby.

We had so much fun with Ben, Kacey and their darling 3 girls. We miss that wonderful family. The O'Barrs didn't get to come because it was the Pinewood Derby for Tanner. It is his last Pinewood Derby because he will turn 11 in November. We told them how fun and economical it was to go too.

It was really hard to say goodbye to everyone. Alyssa made Shay feel good by making 2 big hearts. Then she declared "Shay I love you and I'm going to marry you!" Shay didn't know what to say. So Shay has his first marraige proposal by a 4 year-old.

As you can see our Spring Break was a whilrlwind of activity. We need to recover at home, but boy was it a wonderful time getting to see so much family and friends. We love them all dearly and look forward to the next time we can see them. Thanks to everyone for your wonderful hospitality.

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