Sunday, May 1, 2011

Easter Sunday and Cordells

Easter Sunday was wonderful and little Natalie got blessed by her father and 5 uncles! She wasn't even 1 week old yet. She wore a beautiful crocheted gown made by her Aunt Karyn. But we didn't get a picture because she did what Shay did when he got blessed and pooped on her blessing dress. Shay did it all over his blessing clothes, Todd and I.

Uncle David took a nap and the kids put stuffed animals all over him.

Games were played with lots of talking and laughing after a huge BBQ and wonderful food by everyone.

Aunt Amanda finally got her turn to hold Natalie.
Monday we drove to Chicago and visited Cyndi and Dave. We were happy to see their beautiful home and talk to them about their new life. Cyndi fed us a lovely big Easter Dinner with ham and the works. We are so happy for the Cordell's.

Dave and Todd figured out the awning on the back of the house that needs some parts and repairs.

What a lovely time to catch up on all of the goings on at their home. They have already started working in the Chicago temple and Cyndi said she is working in the nursery at church. Cyndi also let me borrow a wonderful book on Kirtland. We will be visiting there next.

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