Sunday, May 1, 2011

Todd's Birthday in Missouri!

Happy 46th Birthday Todd! Maci and Dane are in the picture too.

The Young Women had a spaghetti dinner for us on Todd's birthday too!

The Young Women wanted to earn money for camp so they worked all day getting ready for their garage sale and then put on the spaghetti dinner that night.

Julia and Kelsey are fun cousins. Shay could hardly stand the thought of leaving his fun-loving Kelsey.

The oldest of 7 children now and Kaylee is another beloved cousin.

Aunt Amanda working hard in the kitchen for the spaghetti feed.

Aunt Becky a little blurry and helping in the kitchen too. She is their ward's Camp Director.

We caught Jacob in the hall. Another beloved cousin that wouldn't hold still. But I got your picture anyway.

The youngest of his family. Trevor is another beloved cousin and it made me smile how Dane wanted to sit next to him at church.

Shay had to catch Ethan but we got a great picture. Ethan was the youngest cousin until baby Natalie. Another beloved cousin. Noble loves how Ethan loves Charlie Brown and would watch the DVD and ask Charlie "Is you okay?" everytime Charlie Brown gets knocked down.

Kaylee with Liz and two more beloved cousins.

Kelly with Devree, Jessica and Kelsey. More beloved cousins.

Jeff and Todd. Two of the 4 brothers.

John and Mary with lucky number 7, Natalie. She is only 5 days old here. Natalie let lots of people hold her and is such a good baby.

Devree, Grandma and Kaylun with me trying to fit in. We enjoyed the spaghetti dinner very much.

Lafi and Karyn came too.

Todd fitting in too. Yeah Todd didn't close his eyes!

Grandma joins in too!

It was hard to catch Tyson but we finally did with a bonk on his head. Tyson was a major helper to us when we needed to find things or put things away at his house. Tyson is another beloved cousin.

Playing music at David and Amanda's house after the dinner. Todd got music while Karyn and Lafi played on the new ukelele that Karyn got for her birthday. Even Grandma danced the jitter bug. Too bad we didn't get pictures.

Todd had a great birthday. He got a new stereo in his car. He loves it because you can put a memory stick in it and listen or he can plug in his Palm and listen to down loaded stories and when you listen to the radio it tells you the artist and title of the song.

Jaynie Richards, Mary's mom came over also. She brought two huge homemade cakes. One was carrot and one was white with chocolate frosting. She is such a sweet heart to always bring food over when we come to visit. Jaynie knows there is a HOUSE FULL when the Hamblin's get together.

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