Sunday, May 1, 2011

Builder's Emporium/ Emporer's Palace Buffet

We got a picture of Noah finally. Another beloved cousin sitting with Devree, Shay holding Natalie next to Tyson.

Sweet baby girl.

We made a wrong turn on our way to the buffet and came across this gorgeous horse ranch. We had to take this picture of this fake horse for Uncle Ky. Uncle Ky would've loved this ranch.

Here is another picture.

Shay had a great idea to remember Grandpa. Grandpa Hamblin loved this place and we had eaten together at this buffet before Grandpa passed away. Grandpa called it the "Builder's Emporium" because he couldn't remember the name. It is the Emporer's Palace and everyone was happy with over a hundred food choices. Uncle John reserved the group area because there were 35 of us .

Kaylun invited his girl friend Grace too.

David came back from his turkey hunt so he could join us all. We all asked, but he didn't bring home a turkey.

Ethan would not smile for me.

Daila, Uncle Ben, Anna, Janae and Aunt Linda joined us too. More beloved cousins, Aunts and Uncles.

Almost everyone tried to eat with chop sticks and there was a lot of dessert FIRST! I missed my opportunity to get Jackson's big dessert that he ate first.

The Mongolian BBQ area was a big hit. You get to choose all of the ingredients that the chef cooks for you.Julia's pretty smile

Julia and Daila playing off in the corner. Who can eat when there are cousins to play with?

Daila just got her hair fixed by Anna. They decided to ride back with us so they could play with cousins for longer.

Dane has a tight grip on poor Natalie's head. He was worried about her flopping forward. But Natalie suffered through. She is such a good baby.

Janae never tired of holding baby Natalie.

Brothers getting their game playing in. They are playing "Empire Builder". Doesn't that sound like a game brothers would play? Is it just another version of King of the Mountain?

Mary was so wonderful to let us all party and stay at her house after having a baby just a few days ago. We had lots of fun just being together. Thanks again John and Mary for hosting all of the fun when we come!

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