Sunday, September 4, 2011

Dane turns 10!

Breakfast in bed for the Baby that is now a decade.

Devree made a hand made "Hoops and YoYo card.

Dane requested to eat Chinese food so we tried the "Golden Dragon 2". It is a new restaurnat here and it was very good.

Dane was excited to get his presents.

Here is the family card of Hoops and Yoyo about a Piratey Treasure. He listened to it several times to hear all of the jokes.

He got a DVD called "The Black Cauldron" a Disney movie.

Finally he opened his real gift the Bey Blade Stadium that he asked for to have competitons between his Bey Blades which are like tops.

He was very excited to get it.

So this is the cake that I decorated for Dane. I was very proud of it but the boys said it looked like a ship or a bear. If you turn the picture it is a PENGUIN because we had a PENGUIN Party!

Here the boys are having a race to be Daddy Penguins and hold the eggs (water balloons between their legs. It was hilarious because the water balloons kept getting higher and higher instead of down between their ankles like they were supposed to be.

Madsen holding his "egg".

Jason holding his egg.

Kobe holding his egg.

Andrew holding his egg in his crotch. That is where all of the boys ended up holding the eggs so they could run to the finish line.

Andrew still racing.

We also tossed the water balloons and they actually got pretty far away before they popped. We did all this and then we went and saw "Mr. Poppers Penguins"

Water balloon toss. The boys did really good and far.

Low Rider hiding in the shade.

The boys just enjoyed being together and jumping on the trampoline together.

They enjoyed playing "BeyBlade" too.

Dane was happy to get some money as gifts.

Blowing out the candles. He ended up having two girl friends.

Trying to figure out if the cake is a boat, bear or what it is. I finally told them it was a penguin.

Dane is my extra special surprise. After loosing a baby, Todd had to talk me into having one more. We really wanted a girl but as soon as we found out we were pregnant we were laying on our bed thinking about having another girl. Dane's spirit was so strong it came to Todd and I together we looked at each other and said "I am a BOY!" Out of all my pregnancies that is the only time we had the feeling so strongly that we should never make plans for a girl. Dane is a sweet boy, good friend, very tolerant of his big bully brother and loves math and baseball. I am very happy he is our caboose because he is becoming a wonderful person and one that I have always enjoyed being around. Happy 10th Birthday Dane!

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