Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End Of Summer FUN!!!

Jumping off the rocks at Lake Tahoe.

Todd enjoying his day off he took from work so he could enjoy our last hurrah at Lake Tahoe.

Dane loving the lake.

Megan came with her family.
Jace came.

Kolten came. They have a tube that has Voigtlaenders name still on it. I miss going to the Lake with them. But they are having an adventure in Belgium.

Michelle was a brave mom and came with her twin boys, Issac and Noah.

Riley and Anna enjoying just floating along.

Devree getting some sun.

The first day of School. Dane is a 5th grader, Shay a freshman and Devree a senior! My my time has flown.

Shay is on the soccer team. They had a tournament in Fallon so we went to see him play.

Carnival fun at the "Hearts of Gold Cantalope Festival"

We are having FUN!

Isaac and his parents joined us at the Festival.

Shay riding the bull.

Right before he fell off.

Isaac is loosing it.

Dane thinks he has a method to stay on...but he falls too.

Todd tries and falls too. But it was a good laugh.

We had to spin before we ate. I just watched. I know the vomit flies if I spin.

On Labor Day we went shooting the BB gun and quading and swimming in the river. No we didn't shoot the toilet.

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