Monday, September 3, 2012

Locey's Eagle Court of Honor -2012

Locey gets his Eagle Scout Award before he is 16!
Getting the final pins out.
Sorry I tried to get closer but it was blurry.  Paula had her 2 other Eagle pins from her other sons and proudly wore the 3 Eagle Pins.
Grandma and Grandpa were feeling good enough to come to support Locey and are very proud he was able to achieve.  I believe that Locey is the 7th grandson to get his Eagle.
Kolten gets a pin for being a great older brother for Locey.  Kaylun would've got one too if he could have come.
The Eagles Nest was full.
It was great that so many Hamblin side could be there but that was because Paula and Ben were married the day before.  Whew!  It was a busy weekend.
Uncle Todd, Aunt Shana, Locey, Cousin Ted, Cousin Linda, Mom Paula, Uncle Ben, Grandma Hamblin and Aunt Karyn.  I would've liked to get all of the Rice side but they were too busy serving and cleaning and then they left.  Locey we are so proud of you for achieving EAGLE.  I hope you inspired the rest of your boy relatives to get their Eagle too!

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