Sunday, March 21, 2010

Julie is one of the people from Northern Nevada Childrens Cancer Group that shaved off her shoulder length hair for a good cause.

Sorry I haven't blogged for two weeks because it just didn't seem like much has happened. But boy we are in the thick of things now. Devree did gain 5 lbs. and now only has 10 lbs to go to what her gastro doctor wants her to be at. At that weight she will not hopefully have so many endocrine problems. Devree did have to have a blood and urinalysis on Friday because St. Jude and her Gastro doctor are worried about her endocrine system.

We went to St. Baldericks on Wednesday which is a huge fundraiser for childhood cancer here in Northern Nevada. The "shavees" get people to pay them to shave their heads and it gets donated to children's cancer. IGT (International Game Technology) is one of the big sponsors and they raise in the Hundreds of thousands for these kids.

Shay has started soccer and Dane starts baseball this week. Yesterday was the annual big fundraiser for the scouts and the young womens this year. We thatch and aerate lawns for one day only. So it is a pretty big deal with phoning people and getting them lined up and then renting the equipment and they worked from 7 am till 7pm. So the leaders and the boys are really exhausted today.

Noble also had a track meet yesterday and he was happy because he has got up to 9 feet. Also yesterday Devree, Dane and I went to a baptism for a new family in our ward and then we went to a funeral. The funeral was for a mom who is only 2 1/2 years older than me who died suddenly of a brain anuerism. She has one 16 year old daughter and an adopted son of just the last 2 years and the son is 19 years old. She took care of her 90+ year mother and her husband is a long distance truck driver. It was so sad. It made me realize that we just never know if one day we are here and the next day we may be gone.

Church was awesome and I am really excited for General Conference in 2 more weeks. We will be at my parents house enjoying celebrating Easter with them and watching Conference. Then we will go to the beach and stay and enjoy some even nicer warmer weather than we have been having here lately. I hope that you will enjoy this next week.


Stephanie said...

sounds like you are busy but busy is good. What events does Noble do in track? Megan decided to do softball. She will have spring training 5days/week for the next 2 weeks. yikes! Babe Ruth seems much more intense than Silverada.

Hamblin Family said...

Noble does pole vaulting. Dane is doing farm league in Silverada. There is a pitching machine and 2 practices a week.

walkinourshoes said...

so glad to hear that Dev's gained five pounds. have fun in California