Sunday, March 7, 2010

Devree's DRIVING!

So I had an idea that we should try to see if Devree could drive without her braces. She has been doing her exercises at home and can push down pretty good on the right side. Todd is the designated driving teacher at our home. So I asked Todd to take Devree out and see if she could drive the truck which is a stick shift. She was a bit scared to try but they went out in the boonies and Todd said she did GREAT! She can do it! So now Devree is studying her drivers book so she can go take the written exam and get her permit. Boy is she excitied.

Another busy week and it looks like the whole month is going to be that way. Noble was very excited to tell me that during the Band Festival this week that the Concert Band got 1+ and the Jazz Band got 1- which means superior rating with 1 being the best and 4 being the worst. It is the highest rating that Dayton has ever achieved. I was very happy for him.

We had our stake conference this weekend and it was 2 wonderful meetings on Saturday and Sunday. The adult meeting on Saturday was very funny in parts. One man gave us a talk on how to make our marraige better. He said he and his wife found this study that said men speak about 10,000 words a day vs. the women that speak 20,000 words per day. His wife said "Well that is because I have to repeat everything to you!"

Have an awesome week.


angelicindy said...

Way to go Devree! I remember getting my cast and then my boot off after surgery and getting to drive again. It feels funny but, oh!, it feels good to be independent. Although, you're one up on me cuz I can't drive a standard. Congratulations!

walkinourshoes said...

We have been praying for ya Dev's. we are so happy that you are going to be able to drive. Happy days!
Love, Kylee and Koe