Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Squirrels in my Pants"

Devree singing in her Advanced Choir competition Dayton High School got a minus after the BIG highschool of Douglas. So we say little ole Dayton won!
This is the ward talent show with the 3 Fraser boys rock'n out. Little Mallory is their first "groupie" and she was dancing and dancing. When we clapped for the band, Mallory thought we were clapping for her. It was so precious.

This is our family dressed up like "gangsters" with our white T-shirts with S.I.M.P on the boys back. We lipsynched to "Squirrels in my Pants" from "Phineas and Ferb" from the Disney channel. We had lots of fun.

We had "squirrel tails" attached to our backs.

Noble's girlfriend Beth took the pictures and we forgot to get a picture of Beth.

This Jacob and he did a dance all by himself. He was awesome.

Then there was a free for all with all of the kids dancing on stage.

Devree is saying "No it isn't purple nail polish." She slammed her finger in the car door.
Dane is excited to be on the "Mormon" baseball team. There are 5 kids from the other ward on his team and he is loving it.
Yesterday Todd went to about 3 hours away for a Scout meeting and I was anxious to pick up some new furniture because we had borrowed a trailer from someone in the ward. We had the trailer for a week and I wanted to give it back to them. I got my tax refund back and our other couches had big holes in them. So I thought Noble and I could pick up the furniture ourselves about an hour away. Well it ended up that the only way the furniture would fit is to stand it straight up and Noble and I tried to tie it down. Well we were going about 45 miles per hour on the shoulder of the freeway and one of the peices blew out and rolled into the middle of the freeway. We were very blessed that no one got hit or no one hit the furniture Two men were very good samaritans and parked their cars so that they blocked traffic so Noble and I could go out and pick it up. We rearranged the furniture and tried again to tie it down but the rope wasn't holding. The trailer could hold 3 peices but the last peice was still too high. We pulled over into a grocery store parking lot, and then we decided to pray for some help. As soon as the prayer was over, I got the inspiration to call our good neighbor and friend and see if he could drive our little pickup to help get the furniture home. He came and we arrived safely home and the furniture was not damaged because it had been heavily wrapped in plastic.
I was able to tie this story into my Sunday School lesson and believe me, I have learned my lesson and will wait till I have Todd that has much experience tying down things.
I feel so blessed. Devree is gaining more weight and Noble and I were protected and not killed on the freeway! I even had nightmares last night of being on the freeway with cars swerving around us.

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walkinourshoes said...

i am glad that the furniture and your bodies are still intact. we are so happy that dev's is gaining more weight. have fun at g&g rice's for easter.

love, koe and kylee