Sunday, February 28, 2010

Home again. Home Again Jiggety Jig!

Noble and Shay playing Hacky Sac.
Dane fighting with the sword in his favorite shirtless way.

Well we got back from St. Jude and right into the business of it all. Thursday we flew in and Todd was home sick and stayed home the next day because that was his furlough day. The lovely day he has to take off without getting paid once a month.

On Friday I was not feeling very well either. It takes it out of me to fly to St. Jude's and not have my own bed and the 2 hour time change there and then back, my body has a hard time. The air in the Target House is on all of the time, blowing at your face either cold or hot. I just can't hardly sleep. But it was a good trip and everything was positive except for a couple of things. Devree really wanted to get her leg braces off. Her right foot needs lots more motion to let her drive. She has some new exercises where she needs to visualize with her mind for her to move her foot. She is supposed to put a cloth under her feet and wrinkle it with her toes. Driving is a high motivator for Devree and I figure if she can tell her brain to move her toes, she should also visualize her ear hearing, her right side of her face showing expression, like raising the eyebrows, squinting her right eye and smiling with both sides of her face. She is feeling really well and eating wonderfully, so now it is time to work on these things that bug her. Todd said maybe she should start massaging her scalp and telling her brain to grow hair too! It is a matter of faith too. So we will all work on that.

Todd and I had to talk in sacrament meeting today. Lots of people told us they enjoyed it. We had to talk about "Lifting where we stand" and accepting callings and magnifying our callings. Mine was telling experiences of my past which were more humorous and that my kids didn't even know. Todd was more spiritual and talked about Gideon in the bible that magnified his calling to get rid of the Medionites. (spelling?)

As we were having our Sunday dinner today Dane started singing "Feel me up...Princess Buttercup." I started laughing because we had just watched "Princess Bride" and the words are really "BUILD ME UP...Buttercup." When we explained to Dane what "Feel me up " means, he became sickened. So we reminded him of the real words so he wouldn't make that mistake.

Have a glorious week and I hope the weather brings us spring. I did see some buds just about to burst so we can start singing "Popcorn Popping on the Apricot tree".


Darcy said...

"feel me up" LOL!!!

Stephanie said...

So funny! Dane is such a character. Love that guy. I laughed out loud.

Barry and Jeanni said...

Blog looks good1 I enjoyed your talks, and I am so glad to hear Dev is doing well. Call me if you want me to come over and massage her scalp:)

walkinourshoes said...

We are sad that Devree can't drive yet, but we well pray that she will work hard to make her foot work right. Do massage the head and see if the hair well come back. We wish Dev's the best in her recovery.

Love, Craig, Koe and Kylee

donswife said...

Hang in there Devree! Elaine was almost 10 months out from chemo before they got a deep tendon reflex in her knees (when they hit with the little hammer). The doctor was excited. She still wears her AFOs to school most days, but bit by bit, she is getting better. In April it will be one year since her last treatment. Are you going to support group next week?