Thursday, February 25, 2010

3rd Day of 2nd checkup.

Tayzia's car is the big potato but Devree's is just potato wheels. Jackson enjoying G-Force. He can smile but he can't take his eyes off the screen.

Devree and I went to eat at Olive Garden last night. The last time we took her here she smelled the food and didn't eat. Last night she had 2 helpings of salad, 2 breadsticks and half of her main course.

Then Devree went to the Mutual activity where they raced potatos. Devree said she had fun and it was good to see The Germantown ward youth.

Jackson and I played Go Fish and then he wanted to watch G-Force. Kallie was not feeling well so she stayed in her room.

Today I am anxiously awaiting to see if Devree's physical therapy assesment will let her have her braces off and allow her to get ready to drive. Devree really wants to drive and wear cute shoes. Well the news was not what we wanted. She will not be able to get off her braces for awhile. She doesn't have reflexes or movement enough to drive a car on the right side. Terry did tell us about some exercises to improve her muscles that she lost due to chemotherapy. It is disappointing though. She really wanted to be able to get out of her braces.

The endocrinologist sent his nurse and she was much more pleasant and we did have good news there. After her blood work, we were able to see that Devree's hormone levels are getting much better than the last check up and we are encouraged that once Devree gets more weight that she will start to cycle again and she may still be able to have children some day. That is our hope and what we are having faith for.

We are excited to fly home today. I really missed out this time because Noble had his Honor Jazz concert last night. Todd drove to Lovelock to see it but I haven't heard the report because the concert got over so late, in Memphis time. Looking forward to seeing all of our boys in a few more hours.

Today is

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Breck, Celest, Tayzia, Talon, Kallie, and Jackson Rice said...

Hey Shana and Devree, we really enjoyed your visit and it always breaks our hearts when you leave. Thanks for the super cool birthday gift! We love you!