Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dad/Grandpa's funeral

Matthew doesn't ever smile for our camera but he is pretty smiley the rest of the time.
3 Boys playing the Wii Sport at Uncle John's and Aunt Mary.

Chris Richards fixing Jeff Hamblin's laptop.

3 Cute boys playing on the computer starting from the left, Tyson, Noah and Jackson told us he is wearing "The I love Devree t-shirt". Isn't that adorable?

The Voekel family at the viewing. Janae, Ben, Daila, Linda and Anna.

Sitting at the back Nancy and Jerry Hatch with Scott, Tamara, Lafi and Wendy up front at the viewing.

Linda and Anna sitting with Jacob, Jessica, Jeff and Becky Hamblin at the viewing.

The Pall bearers bringing the casket. It was soo beautiful and bright that afternoon.

The Marine, the flag and the casket.

Playing taps.

The gun salute that was really loud and scary!

The folding of the flag.

The final salute after folding the flag.

Presenting the flag to Mom.

At the Huge feast that the Sullivan Branch fed us after the funeral.

David, Amanda, Ethan and Dave's friend Jordan.

The Brown cousins with Wendy holding Katies cutey Maddie. Such a smiley, happy little girl.

Kenneth Hendricks in his military outfit. He brought his cutest red haired 2 year old named Logan.
Matthew saying "Jello is awfully good".

Uncle Bill and Aunt Kathy Mackley.

Becky scrubbing up after the kids.

Daila posing before the funeral.

80+ people came to eat at John and Mary's house.

The pile of shoes is immense! How will we ever find our shoes?

Karyn and Uncle Earl Brown then Bobbi Birge in the red next to Mary looking out of the window. sitting on the couch.

A few of the many on Sunday after church eating again at John and Mary's.

Mom posing with Lafi.

Uncle Eldon and Aunt Donna Hatch. Never could get them to look at me at the same time. Oh well.

This is our lay over hotel in Denver. Awesome 4 star we would recommend to anyone called "The Renaissance".

Devree's cake that she decorated at Young Women's that has a rose in the center with fondant icing and rose.

We flew out on Thursday and it seemed we got to wear our same Sunday clothes for 3 days straight. It was a glorious reunion with getting to see people in the family that I haven't seen for many years. It was a great time to catch up and reminisce and see what is going on in a lot of our cousins lives. We definitely want to get more reunions going for the Hamblin side and the Mackley side. Enjoy the pictures.
Oh one really important note that I forgot. We did get the results back from Devree's "hot spot". She has arthritis in her spine. According to the Ortho doctor here. They gave me a 10 lb package of all of her CT scans and MRI's and I will be taking them to St. Jude's next week to get their opinion also. But we are happy and relieved!
I have one funny story. As I was walking our little dog on Tuesday morning, a huge dog came with teeth showing and growling and lunged at Low Rider our dog. I didn't have time to pick up our dog so I swung him high around in a circle by his leash trying to yell "NO!" to the big dog. Finally the owner came and got his dog (who was loose) but the big dog lunged again! This time I had picked up Low Rider so he could breathe and finally the big dog got taken away by the owner who was apologizing. As soon as Low Rider could breathe again he started growling. The big dog could've eaten him in one bite!

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Ford Family said...

Thanks for the pictures. The one where Aunt LaWana is receiving the flag from the Marine is very touching.