Tuesday, February 23, 2010

First Day of 2nd Checkup

Devree happy to be in a "flowery" room instead of "Bob the Builder".

Well here we are back at St. Jude's. We had both of our flights delayed. So Devree and I were starving because we didn't get lunch and it was past dinner by the time we arrived. Celest had made signs with the kids and Breck were all at the airport to greet us. Celest had a bag of valentines and goodies for us. What would we do without Celest's thoughtfulness?

We rushed straight to the hospital and went to the Medicine room for them to measure, weigh, do vitals and bloodwork. Today we started the MRI's at 6:45 am this morning. For those of you in the West that means I go up at 3:30 AM Nevada time. There was no room in the inn (Grizzly House) so they put us in Target House 2 again for our stay. That kind of bites if you don't have a car because it was too late for the shuttle to get there last night and it was too early to get to the hospital this morning for the MRI. So Thanks again Ethel and Brenda for the car. It is wonderful to have wheels. We have no food in the apartment so I need to go shopping. But there are no dishes so I guess we will eat out. I like that. Devree says she is up for Olive Garden. YEA!

Today is the busiest day for appointments and tomorrow will not be so bad. Still waiting for the results of everything.

Finally the MRI's are clean and clear.


lindsey gruwell said...

Yay for a clean MRI!! I hope you're appointments go well and you get a nap! Sorry that we miss you this time. Maybe in 3 months we can catch up again. It was nice to be back at the target house (ya agreed, minus the food)and see everyone...BUT just for a visit and not for a long stay!

soggycheerios said...

Clean MRI's just what we've been waiting to hear. Praying for an easy, positive day for the two of you!