Wednesday, February 24, 2010

2nd day of 2nd checkup

Devree and Celest at lunch.
Ethel and Brenda joined us for lunch at the cafeteria.

Today is Wednesday and that means tomorrow we fly back home. We had a wonderful dinner and game night at Breck and Celest's. Celest fixed us a luscious meal and it was still wonderful even though Devree and I got lost for an hour trying to pick up Breck from work. We really need a GPS for this city. We saw a billboard that told us "God Loves Memphis" and we were glad... because at that moment we did not.

Jackson had us playing "Hi Ho Cherrio". I am not a good player for any game that makes you go back to the beginning. But I was a good sport. We played "Catch Phrase" and then we had to get back to Target House 2 before curfew.
Here we sit for the endocrinologist. He is the doctor that said it will be unlikely that Devree will be able to have children. That is why we don't like him.
Dr. Armstrong just called us and said that the Lumbar Puncture came back clean. He did take a close look at her MRI's and said that her spine is "spiney" and there is a bulge. This is common in patients that have had the radiation like Devree. Dr. Armstrong said exactly what our Ortho doctor said and that when she has pain, Devree will have to get shots and she needs to continue to exercise. Also he said it was too early to know if Devree will get more hair.

Today we will have lunch with Brenda, Ethel and Celest here at the hospital. Devree is seeing the "Alien" eye doctor as Devree calls her. She thinks she is an alien because she never smiles and her eyes are big and slanty like an alien. Also Devree will be seeing her Psychologist Elizabeth who she loves and the Endocrinologist. We don't like that guy either. He has nothing but bad news for us. We will try to stay positve for today though.

Devree had her Occpational Therapy Assesment yesterday and we won't probably have that again till another 6 months. We had to reschedule her Physical Therapy appointment till tomorrow because they scheduled her right after waking from anesthesia yesterday after her lumbar puncture. Devree is hoping they will let her not have braces anymore. She is looking forward to wearing "Pretty" shoes and DRIVING!
Life is good and wonderful no matter what and we are going to focus on the good, the excellent, the superior and the miracles. We are going to remain hopeful, positve and FAITHFUL! May you also focus on the good things of life.

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walkinourshoes said...

Thanks for the update. So glad that the MRI is clear. Hope you get cleared to drive Dev.