Sunday, May 9, 2010

Noble's PROM and Mother's Day!

2010 Senior Prom with from the left, Manny, Caylynn, Beth Clark and Noble. Noble said they had lots of fun having dinner, than the prom and left early to go bowling. Manny was crowned "Prom King".

Isn't this a cute picture of Beth and Noble?

The boys!

The girls.

Emily came with her 3 darling boys for Mother's Day. Her husband is working over seas.
Cheryl came with her 2 sons too and took our picture. Dane was not feeling well and fell asleep.

Cheryl and her two active boys. Cheryl will be having a girl in 8 weeks or there about.
This week was another flying week. Dane missed school because of being sick and I had to take him to the doctor for steroids because he was up one night where he couldn't breathe. He still can't talk too well. He missed out on the tryouts for the talent show. He was going to have 3 friends help him out with "Squirrels in my Pants." Dane did feel good enough for his baseball game on Saturday and he didn't strike out. He loves baseball.
Shay loves soccer so much that when we went for his game at 8 am and his team lost badly, he stayed to play the next game for the team that didn't have enough players. He had a sleep over the night before and had stayed up all night too!
Devree has one of her plays tomorrow night. It is the school play and the musical is coming up. She is a little bit nervous about her lines.
Mother's Day was awesome with breakfast in bed and beautiful flowers and cards. I also get a massage from my new favorite masseuse. I am so fortunate that she lives down the street and is in our ward.
I am very glad that I have a Mom that taught me how to be a great Mom like her. Someday I hope to grow up and be just like her.


Krista said...

Tell Noble he looked great for prom!

Stephanie said...

The prom pictures are great! Noble has turned into quite a catch. Hamblins are awesome for thinking of others! Great example for others. :)

Cheryl said...

You are so fast getting those pics up!

angelicindy said...

What a wonderful way to spend Mother's day with friends and family all around! Happy Mother's Day to you!

soggycheerios said...

That is the cutest picture of Cheryl and her boys!
And Noble at Prom, Wow! So cute, what a fun time of life.