Sunday, May 23, 2010

Senior Awards, Musical and Music

Noble at his last band concert.
Noble the smiling senior.

Listening to the multitude of band awards with Beth on the other side of Noble.

Manny got a special"Pirate" nutcracker for being the "Pirate" drum major.

Noble receiving one of his 8 awards from Mrs. Julie Bumgardner. Noble recieved awards for playing concert and jazz band for his 4 years of high school. We are very proud of him and his musical talent.
The 16 seniors from the 2 bands. Each senior had a rose with a sentiment attached to it. They read Noble's first and it was very touching about Mrs. Bum being a second Mom. I was crying and I think she got misty eyed.
This was a scene of "Into the Woods" the after school musical that Noble and Devree worked so hard on. Red Riding Hood was Alana Staggs, the friend that came clear to St. Jude's to see Devree. Lana was so awesome and has a great singing voice and had to scream one time in the play and was perfect.
Manny was one of the leads as the "Baker" and he and his play wife had to go through all of these fairy tales to finally be able to have a baby.
Devree played Jack and the Beanstalk's mother. She is here with Jack and the cow. Devree had a solo and she played her part very well.

Noble played a "conceited" prince that was after Cinderella. He had a solo and so many people came up and said "I didn't know you could sing Noble." When he acted so pompous our little neighbor girl started giggling because Noble did such a good job and he is so not like that.

Emma O'Barr got "Most Outstanding Musician" for the 6th grade. The students vote on who they thought was the best.

Shay "campaigned" and got "The Most Improved" award for the 7th grade. Todd and I guffawed when we heard about our little politician.

As you can see our week was very full. This next week will be busy too. I am ready for school to be out.
Beth came to church again today and we got a Book of Mormon for her and Devree, Todd, Noble and I wrote our testimonies in it.
Spring has not sprung here yet and I hope to put in our garden very soon. But there was slushy snow coming down today for a short little while. Oh well. I hope everyone will have a warm spring week.


Stephanie said...

YOu have very talented kids. Even an upcoming politician, eh? I love it. Noble's talk at church was great. What a great family you have.

angelicindy said...

One more big push to the end and school will be out so soon! I love that so much of your family is involved in music and plays and 'politics' :). I was in Into the Woods in our community playhouse. Weird play but great music!

Barry and Jeanni said...

So sad I missed the play, Did anyone record it by chance? Can't believe you will shortly be one less child at home. My how time flies :)

walkinourshoes said...

we had snow here too. i really want the spring weather to come our way. sounds like you all you very busy. keep up the fun and busy life.