Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 April -Dad's Birthday

Shana went to the Dermatologist to have a cancer spot removed I called her 2 1/2 hours later to see if she would like to go to lunch with me.  She said she was still at the doctor appointment.  They would shave a slice and test it, then shave and test it again.  Hang in their my Sweetie!!!

Manny Boga's concert.  He plays the bassoon.  If you look at the white violin bow in the middle of the picture it points at a guy's ear.  You can just see 1/2 of Manny's face behind the guy with the ear.  I took that picture!  Am I a good photographer or what?  If you click the picture it will get larger, but I really wasn't able to take a very good picture.
Another picture of Manny's concert.
Devree, Cameron, and Zac before the Dayton High School Prom.  I loved it when Devree told me about the "Make-do" Limousine that these boys thought of.  They took the front 2 seats out of the family van.  They had the girls sit on the seat and they put 2 lawn chairs in that faced the girls.  Then they put a sheet up between the Limo driver and the passengers.  LOL  The girls loved this creative idea.
Daddy's Little Sweetheart

Back of Devree's Renaissance Dress

Front of Devree's Renaissance Dress
This happy face tugs on her daddy's heartstrings.  When did my baby girl get sooo big???
What a nice matching couple.
Blissfully looking into the backyard.
Being blissful again.
Ok.  Now I think I have enough pictures.  Just barely!!!
Scuba Diving booties!!!  What a wonderful present.  Now I have the mask and snorkel.  Fins from Noble one "Christmas".  The only part I was missing were the booties.  WooHoo!!!  What???  That isn't what you were hoping for on your birthday?
"Master of the house, isn't worth me spit.", but he was worth a marvelous breakfast in bed on his birthday.

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