Sunday, April 8, 2012

General Conference

Painting during General Conference kept Shay and Kylee entertained.
Kylee loves Shay.
This is Vance outside the BYU Creamery.
Todd and Craig chillin and listening to General Conference.
Dane, Shay and Zachary outside the ice cream place with Zach having ice cream all over his face.
Devree says she is making a moustache.
Kamon and Vance after filling our tummies with ice cream first and then a burger. Wouldn't that make everyone happy?
Bos and Kylee outside on a perfect 70 degrees night with ice cream still on their faces.
Dane trying to hold on to Zachary so that we can get his picture.
Bos on top of Shay. The view is so much better when you are taller.
Emily holding on to Vance but Vance wants to get down and run.
Here we all are in front of the BYU Creamery having a fantastic time. Poor Craig had to work but we had Koe and kids and Kamon and Emily and kids with our 5. We followed Kamon around BYU campus to see the changes since I have gone there. Shay asked "Mom how come you know so much about this place?" I was astounded to realize he didn't know that I actually attended Provo and graduated in Hawaii. I showed the kids the "Y" on the hill and said that I drove up there with a group in a jeep and it was SCARY!
Bos and Kylee attacking Shay.
Koe holding the ice cream faced Zachary. He really loved his ice cream. Thanks again to Koe and Craig for letting us stay at their house again. It is always cozy there. We had so much fun playing "Imagine If" with you. Thanks so much for your hospitality.
We got to attend the last session of conference and it was a wonderful experience. It was so wonderful to see the prophet and hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir up close and personal. We are planning to go again.

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