Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break in San Diego 2012

This is La Jolla Cove that was a favorite place to visit when Todd used to live in San Diego before he was a first grader.

This is some sort of a bird sanctuary that had bird poop everywhere. Still at La Jolla Cove

This is the Silver Strand on Coronado Island. Body surfing was good on this cold windy day.

Shay on the Silver Strand getting ready to make his sand castle.

The Sea Lions and Pelicans were here by the hundreds at La Jolla Cove.

This is close to the Mormon Battalion and they even gave us a free appetizer to use at this delicious Mexican Restaurant.

We panned for Authentic Fools gold at the Mormon Battalion. The Mormon Battalion was a really wonderful place.

Devree says "This is what Noble gets to do everyday!"

We really had lots of fun at the Mormon Battalion Museum. They have updated it and made it more interactive.

This is back to where we stayed in Oceanside.

Panning for Fools Gold.

It was hard to drag the kids away. There were Young Sister Missionaries as our guides at the Mormon Battalion museum.

This was one of 2 jacuzzis that were at the property we stayed at. It was called North Coast Village. Notice the waterfall behind the guys?

This is inside the party room that can be reserved for a private party at the condo village.

More fools gold.

The waterfall outside the game room at the condo.

Our view outside of the elevator at the condo with 1 of the pools and BBQs . The other jacuzzi is hidden.

The Oceanside Pier is in the distance. It is one of the longest piers in the USA.

Our garden view from the condo.

The party room.

Our first day at our condo beach.

Body surfing on the first day.

That was a great walk we made each day, down the beach and down the pier and back. At the end of the Pier is a restaurant named Ruby's. We had some good hot chocolate there.

This is the condos we stayed in.

Chilling inside the condo. We can't wait to take Noble there next time. It was a great GREAT vacation.

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