Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chase's Wedding

The new couple, Chase and Erin.

Had fun with the car.

First comes Love, then comes marraige, then comes a baby carraige.

The culprits making the car look good.

All of the adults and Carson went to dinner after the General Relief Society Meeting and Reception. Todd, Josh and Chelsey at our end of the table.

Carson at the other end with Kamon on one side and Emily holding Vance on the other.
Emily holding Vance. Vance is such a sweet, cuddly baby. He even let me hold him for a long time and snuggled in.

Chelsey made the cake and was the Maid of Honor. Josh was the best man.

Tammie and Chelsey trying to have a chat at the reception. Ben holding Kloe who wanted to crawl everywhere and Cody and Kalene.

Kalene and Kyran having an intense conversation.

Before the wedding begins.

Todd said Emily is so photogenic holding Bos who is being a little shy.

Vance and Grandma Kalene.

Carson and Josh.

Bos holding on to Grandpa Cody.

Ben holding Kloe playing with her beautiful dress.

Kyree found a unique rock.

Kalene was such a good helper with Bos who was the ring bearer. Kyree was on one side and Kalene on the other as flower girls but Kalene had her hand behind Bos' back to help him along. They were the cutest thing about the whole wedding. Later Bos asked Cody why they didn't use his rings that he brought on the pillow. It was adorable.

Two beautiful girls. The wedding party before the wedding. Kacey was the photographer so I didn't get very many pictures of her.

Bill came with his wife and two adorable boys. It was "Rock Day" at school. Devree made her wig with a pony tail Mohawk down the center. Shay had me apply eye liner. At seminary another boy saw Shay and wanted to do his own eyes with eyeliner.

Sorry Noble. Shay found your Stix shirt and Devree is posing in her eyeball socks. See O'Barrs? Your socks are still in use.

Todd and I had lots of fun going to Las Vegas for Chase's wedding. We met Ky and Tammie there without any of our kids and stayed in some condos that were very nice with a jacuzzi bath tub and even a fireplace. We went out to dinner and enjoyed the hot tub too. It was a fast, relaxing vacation. It was great to see all of the Walkers, Petronellas and Bassetts. I love to see all of my grand neices and grand nephews too. I love mini-family reunions and I am really looking forward to the big RICE REUNION next year.

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