Sunday, October 16, 2011

Devree's Choir Concert TOFW! or Time Out for Women

Devree, Kacey, Chris Belcher, Chelsey, Kalene and Erin meeting one of our favorite speakers. Chris has battled cancer almost her whole life.

She is totally blind but people want her to autograph everything.

Ready for Friday night session of TOFW to begin.

After Saturday's session, Erin gave us a tour of UNR. There are many roses on campus and it is a $1,000. fine if you cut/pick any rose.

We found a beautiful backdrop of fall colored vines. This is Erin and Kacey.

Kalene and Kacey with the back drop of the Truckee river.

The Walker Women pose! My 3 nieces that were able to attend: Erin, Chelsey and Kacey

Erin by the river.

Chelsey not wanting her picture taken.

Chelsey picking up her Mom, Kalene but only getting the top half for the looks on their faces.

The Petronella pose says she isn't happy with her picture being taken.

We LOVE YOU Chelsey even if you didn't want your picture taken.

Erin treated us to Chinese Food for lunch.

Walking away with the "Choose to Become" theme going in our minds after the conference.

We are modeling our free tote bags that we got.

My brother-in-law Cody called a while back and he wanted to surprise my sister and their 2 daughters and 2 daughter-in-laws to Time Out for Women in Reno. He wanted to see if they could stay with us. I was very excited and it was also Time Out for Girls so I bought the tickets for Devree and I. I was so happy to see that one of the speakers was Chris Belcher. She is a woman that has battled cancer and numerous operations most of her life. Wow what an inspiration to hear her speak. My neice Kacey had got her to sign her book back when Devree was in treatment and Chris wrote a note in it for Devree. The book was fabulous also. Oh we had so much fun just us girls.

They came late Thursday night and we stayed up till 2 am talking.
Friday, Erin treated us to Chinese Food and then we went shopping. Everyone of us got something.

Friday night was the first part of the conference and we got some decadent desserts after the program. Saturday started way early and we drove back to the Reno Convention Center. Devree had her own meeting while we had ours. We shopped at the conference and found Christmas presents. I ran into 2 friends from Fernley. That was so awesome! I cried and laughed through all of the presentations. Kalene treated us to a delicious buffet and Cody had asked each husband to write a special letter to each of their wives. We read them at lunch and a few of us got tears at how beautiful our husbands wrote their words of love. We ended the day by walking by Truckee River and Erin gave us a tour of UNR- University, Reno. Then home to eat BBQ and play some games. I didn't play games because I was exhausted and was worried about my Sunday School lesson. All of the girls left Sunday morning. But we have already decided we are doing it again next year. There is one in Las Vegas and some in Utah because we want Emily (the niece that couldn't come) to be able to join us.

Devree had an Advanced Choir Performance on Monday. There is no better way to have a Family Home Evening to go and hear one of your children perform.

The Advanced Choir sang so prettily, tears came to our eyes.

Devree... our little song bird. She is the section leader for the Sopranos. Devree, we are so proud of all of your talents.

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