Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dane being a Webelo, Dayton High Band

Julie, the cub master and Dane getting his first 3 pins.

Playing the iceberg game where the kids had to jump on each iceberg and it kept getting smaller.

Now the treat part.

Shay getting ready to march. This is the first time putting on the uniform. No feathers today because there was a chance of rain.

Already to go.

It takes 2 people to get dressed because the zippers are in the back.

Getting stuff out of all the cars.

Nica before she has to carry the quad. The design of the uniform with the cross over in the front and all hair inside the hat makes it hard to know if it is a girl or boy. I made the sad mistake of calling a boy a girl. I hope he forgives me.

As you can see from the shadows we arrived at 8:30am for the Dayton Valley Days Parade at 10 am.

William striking a trombone pose.

Jackson trying to get that hair up in the hat. Shay grinning behind thinking "I am glad I don't have to worry about that."

There were a lot of different strategies trying to get the hair out of the way.

We had a beautiful, clear, rather warm day.

Mrs. Bum making some final touches.

The flag girls hanging out ready to go.

At ease, marcher!

Girls and boys trying to get that hair up!

Looking Sharp.

Anna is serious about being a drum major. Samantha not so serious.

Getting ready to line up.

Zack puffing out those cheeks!

DIS band came too. Nolan is chilling with his horn.

Finally got his hair pinned up. Now it is time for the hat.

Yes I got my hair up, but I'm not happy about it!

Shay talking with his buddies from DIS. Stephen's sax looks as big as him.

Lining up and getting into position.

At attention...almost everyone.

Makayla and Heidi's first year in DIS Marching Band.

Almost everyone ready.

Dancing around while the DIS band warms up and plays a tune.

Now everyone is ready.

Hey Shay you are not supposed to look at your Mom. You are supposed to look forward.

Josh ready and playing.

Nica with the quad on.

Yes Stephen that instrument is bigger than you!

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